Ricciardo's F1 season from hell continues

4 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc topped some signifier sessions astatine the Monaco Grand Prix, portion Daniel Ricciardo's play from hellhole continued erstwhile helium slid sideways into the clang barriers, with his damaged McLaren lifted disconnected the way by a crane.

The Australian emerged unscathed from the prang, which occurred connected his archetypal due thigh of the 2nd signifier league and ruled him retired of the full session.

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"It was strange. I deliberation if anyone crashes determination you usually spot connected the exit if they instrumentality possibly excessively overmuch kerb successful Turn 14 and past suffer the car. But I already started losing the car beauteous overmuch earlier Turn 13," Ricciardo said.

"We pushed a small excessively acold astir apt successful a mates areas with the set-up. We had a bully greeting and evidently you effort a fewer things for FP2 to effort and maximise a spot much show but let's accidental we overstepped it and you don't cognize until you effort it.

Ricciardo slides disconnected the way arsenic officials rise the yellowish flag. (F1)

"Obviously, it was my archetypal thigh truthful I couldn't truly get overmuch of a work connected it obviously, it happened consecutive away.

"I tried my champion to prevention it, but I couldn't. Obviously, we missed each of the session, but I'm okay.

"Anyway, time we person a accidental again and I'm definite they'll hole the car contiguous and enactment it successful a bully spot for tomorrow."

Charles Leclerc topped some of Friday’s signifier sessions, wherever the Ferrari operator could usage a triumph connected his location way to instrumentality to the apical of the Formula One standings.

Ferrrari had a coagulated adjacent to the time arsenic Carlos Sainz Jr. was second-fastest down teammate Leclerc.

Ricciardo's McLaren was removed via crane. (Twitter)

Red Bull was close down the Ferrari drivers arsenic Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen were 3rd and 4th fastest but lacked the one-lap velocity of Ferrari.

Leclerc mislaid the F1 points pb past week successful Spain. F1's reigning champion Verstappen has won 3 consecutive races to sound Leclerc from the apical of the standings. Leclerc won 2 of the archetypal 3 races to physique a 46-point pb successful the standings, but Verstappen has 4 wins and present leads Leclerc by six points.

But Leclerc is motivated astatine Monaco; he's ne'er finished an F1 contention connected his hometown streets. He's truthful comfy with the circuit that helium cycles to the way from his apartment, and though helium won the rod past year, helium ne'er adjacent started the contention due to the fact that of harm to his Ferrari.

Mercedes, meanwhile, had a disappointing brace of signifier sessions with George Russell and seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. The duo some way Ferrari and Red Bull successful velocity and the caller Mercedes has struggled with what’s called “porpoising” - an aerodynamic contented wherever cars hop and bounce connected the track.

Hamilton struggled successful Friday's 2nd signifier and was 12th connected the velocity chart, a whopping 1.61-seconds down Leclerc.

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