Rio Olympics sensation's crushing scratching

3 days ago

One of the societal media sensations of the Rio Olympics won't beryllium competing successful Tokyo aft Namibia's Dan Craven tested affirmative for COVID-19 successful Spain, wherever the erstwhile nonrecreational cyclist lives with his family.

Even much devastating was the timing of it.

Craven told The Namibian paper that helium had been trying to person a COVID-19 vaccine done Spain's nationalist wellness attraction system, “but the bureaucratic strategy to get registered has conscionable been crazy.”

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“Two hours aft I tested positive,” Craven said, “I got a telephone telephone saying I tin travel successful for my vaccine.”

The tall, lanky rider with the bushy reddish beard said connected his Instagram leafage that helium caught the microorganism connected a grooming thrust with 3 different people.

Dan Craven competes successful the idiosyncratic clip proceedings astatine the Rio Olympics. (Corbis via Getty Images)

He was expected to person the azygous starting spot for Namibia, wherever helium was born, but tested affirmative successful a pre-event trial and volition beryllium replaced successful Saturday's contention to Fuji International Speedway by Tristan de Lange.

“For much than 3 years I person been plotting, planning, grooming and preparing for the Tokyo Olympics,” said Craven, who competed successful the 2012 and 2016 Games.

“I whitethorn nary longer beryllium connected a pro squad and my grooming was thing but creaseless successful the past fewer months but the combined effort to get truthful acold has been enormous. And it's each gone with 1 affirmative test."

The 38-year-old Craven, who moved to Europe to prosecute a cycling vocation successful 2005, became a sensation astatine the Rio Games archetypal for his beard and past for the clip trial. He was chosen to capable an unexpected starting spot but didn't person a due clip proceedings bike, truthful helium simply rode his roadworthy motorcycle to a predictably dismal - if entertaining - result.

Craven's affirmative trial comes aft 4 much residents of the Olympic Village, including 2 athletes, tested affirmative for COVID-19 today. A full of 91 radical accredited for the Tokyo Games person tested affirmative since the opening of July.

Skateboarder Candy Jacobs of the Netherlands and array tennis subordinate Pavel Sirucek of the Czech Republic tested affirmative and had to permission the colony to participate a quarantine hotel.

Candy Jacobs of Netherlands competes during the finals of the WS/SLS 2019 World Championship (Getty)

Two further "games-concerned personnel" - a class that includes squad coaches and officials - staying successful the colony overlooking Tokyo Bay tested positive.

The 91 cases bash not see athletes who tested affirmative astatine location earlier their scheduled question to Tokyo for events they volition present miss.

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