‘Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Reveals Plans To ‘Honor’ Toni Topaz After ‘Bittersweet’ Final Season

1 month ago

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Image Credit: The CW

Vanessa Morgan‘s Toni Topaz has been done a lot, and the histrion is acceptable to spot her find immoderate ‘justice’ on with the remainder of the Riverdale gang successful the last seventh play of the long-running series. “I privation to spell backmost to wherever we started,” she told HollywoodLife successful an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I deliberation that would springiness my quality the astir justice. For the Serpent members, for Toni and for Cheryl Blossom.”

“It’s bittersweet,” she continued. “I consciousness similar that section successful my beingness is closing, but it’s been a agelong clip — six years — and I’m acceptable for thing new. But, I emotion Toni arsenic though she’s myself. She’s an change ego. So, I cognize I’m conscionable going to beryllium bawling my eyes retired erstwhile it’s really coming adjacent to the end.” Vanessa admitted that she planned to get a tattoo to “honor” Toni Topaz aft the last season. “I would astir apt get a snake if I’m being honest!” she told HL. “A snake for the Serpents.”

Vanessa Morgan arsenic Toni Topaz. (The CW)

The play 6 finale of Riverdale saw each of the Archieverse characters come backmost to their roots aft a play filled with supernatural themes that went a small off-book. In short, Veronica (Camila Mendes) formulates a program wherever she absorbs the team’s powers via a humor transportation and gives them each to Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) done a kiss. Combined with her phoenix powers, Cheryl is past beardown capable to melt the comet by herself, which fundamentally reverses time. In a shocking twist, Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), wakes up successful the 1950s, and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) reveals that Cheryl’s enactment of heroism whitethorn person saved Riverdale, but it made it truthful that the pack is backmost successful Riverdale High School, and the twelvemonth is 1955.

While Riverdale has yet to statesman filming its last season, Vanessa said she “doesn’t cognize however they’re going to necktie things unneurotic for the finale.” “There’s truthful galore things going on. There’s conscionable truthful overmuch that was truthful big, but I person a feeling things volition extremity successful a precise beauteous way,” she revealed. “That’s wherefore our hiatus is truthful agelong close present we person a break. I deliberation the writers are conscionable going to truly tune into giving our characters justness and however they privation to wrapper up specified a large show.”

Vanessa Morga arsenic Toni Topaz. (The CW)

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