Robinhood shares rebound after falling as much as 14%

3 months ago

Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev be Robinhood Markets IPO Listing Day connected July 29, 2021 successful New York City.

Cindy Ord | Getty Images

Robinhood clawed backmost its large losses connected Friday arsenic investors looked past disappointing guidance from the institution and rallied astir advancement connected caller merchandise developments.

Shares of the banal trading app climbed much than 2%, aft dropping arsenic overmuch arsenic 14.4% to $9.94 astatine their debased of the day.

The anemic spots of Robinhood's earnings study released Thursday aft the doorbell were its first-quarter gross guidance and its nonaccomplishment of monthly progressive users.

The recently nationalist brokerage anticipates first-quarter gross of little than $340 million, down 35% compared with 2021. Wall Street's statement estimation was for $448.2 cardinal successful gross for the archetypal quarter, according to FactSet. Plus, monthly progressive users fell to 17.3 cardinal past 4th from 18.9 cardinal successful the 3rd quarter. This fig was besides beneath estimates of 19.8 million, according to FactSet.

The large Wall Street firms kept their respective ratings connected Robinhood pursuing the results. However, respective firms including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Piper Sandler, lowered their 12-month terms targets somewhat for Robinhood. Barclays and Deutsche Bank besides lowered their targets for the stock.

Most analysts were disappointed with the archetypal 4th guidance but were hopeful astir the motorboat of fully-paid securities lending, the crypto wallet and a top-line boost for monetary tightening.

"Robinhood has been connected a pugnacious roadworthy precocious but we inactive spot plentifulness to beryllium excited about," said Devin Ryan, expert astatine JMP Securities. "We bash deliberation that investors buying the banal contiguous indispensable judge that Robinhood tin diversify its concern further beyond conscionable a trading offering, but our assurance astir that is really higher heading retired of results."

Shares of Robinhood are trading astir $11 per stock connected Friday, good beneath its IPO terms of $38 from July.

— with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.