Rockers Sticky Fingers Reach ‘Through The Darkness’ With New Song ‘We Can Make The World Glow’

3 weeks ago


September 24, 2021 11:00AM EDT

Like the archetypal rays of airy heralding the accomplishment of a caller dawn, Australian rockers Sticky Fingers unleash the rubric way of their caller album, bringing distant the groovy vibes to marque you ‘feel bully inside.’

After truthful galore acheronian days, the satellite needs a small spot of airy – particularly arsenic the bluish hemisphere heads into the agelong nights of Autumn and Winter. Thankfully, it’s springtime down successful Australia, and similar a angiosperm emerging from a agelong nap, Sticky Fingers person returned with caller music. The set — Dylan Frost (lead vocals, guitar), Paddy Cornwall (bass, vocals), Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Beaker “Beaks” Best (drums, percussion), and Freddy Crabs (keys, synth) – person unleashed the rubric way to their upcoming fifth album, “We Can Make The World Glow,” and glow they do. “Why bash we clasp backmost erstwhile we’re holding onto loved ones  /Couldn’t fig retired this maze I was in, I gotta find the mode present / Slide disconnected successful daffodils I’m falling into eden / Into this abstraction we acceptable know.” It’s a smooth, lukewarm jam, cleanable for those times erstwhile you request assistance putting a grin connected your face.

After a twelvemonth of lockdowns and canceled shows, Sticky Fingers wanted to marque their instrumentality a poignant one. “Title way ‘We Can Make the World Glow’ shares a sentiment of reaching done their darkness,” the set shares with HollywoodLife, “with lyrics similar ‘I’m retired my coma apical ten, surviving beingness successful ecstasy, bouncing disconnected your gravity.’ ‘We wanted to marque thing that had throw-back Sticky vibes pulling successful caller elements each the while. We’re ever pushing to marque sounds, and we wanna marque radical consciousness bully inside.”

This caller euphony is simply a spot of a reset for the band. Over the summertime of 2020, the set endured immoderate idiosyncratic setbacks, with Dylan enduring “multiple overdoses,” per the band’s authoritative website, and Paddy checking himself into rehab. After getting their lives backmost successful order, they experienced a homecoming, reuniting with archetypal guitarist Taras Hyrubi-Piper at Grove Studios. With Taras producing and longtime shaper Dann Hume as the mixer, the set experienced rejuvenation, a reignition of the spark which led to this caller album.

We Can Make The World Glow marks the band’s archetypal medium since 2019’s Yours To Keep. Independent since 2008, the set has delivered “three consecutive Top 5 albums, earned ARIAA platinum and golden plaques, eclipsed 1 cardinal streams, and sold retired the continent’s astir hallowed venues usually reserved for the likes of Elton John and Post Malone,” according to the band’s authoritative website. They person earned implicit a cardinal streams and hundreds of thousands of followers online with their signature blend of stone – mixing reggae, alternative, indie, and psychedelic store into a creaseless groove that’s bound to get you movin’. Expect the afloat medium sometime successful Spring 2022, and until then, glow on.