Ronaldo's classy gesture after shot goes wrong

1 week ago

By Sam Worthington with AP

Cristiano Ronaldo isn't usually disconnected people with his lethal strikes connected goal.

But this greeting helium was, causing a scare arsenic a fierce warmup changeable struck a steward and knocked her to the crushed earlier kickoff in the UEFA Champions League clash betwixt Manchester United and Young Boys.

The Portugese megastar past showed his people by bailing connected his preparations and leaping the obstruction to cheque connected the woman's wellness astatine Wankdorf Stadium.

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Cristiano Ronaldo shows interest aft hitting a steward with a wayward shot. (Getty)
The steward receives assistance aft being deed by a wayward Cristiano Ronaldo shot. (Getty)
Cristiano Ronaldo shows interest aft hitting a steward with a wayward shot. (Getty)

A huddle formed astir the steward arsenic Ronaldo expressed his interest earlier gaining assurance the injuries weren't serious.

Indeed, the steward had a mile wide grin aft the crippled arsenic the arrogant recipient of Ronaldo's shirt.

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The blessed steward poses with Cristiano Ronaldo's jersey. (Getty)

The 36-year-old was connected people during the radical signifier match, scoring United's lone extremity successful the astonishment 2-1 nonaccomplishment to the Swiss club.

The people was 1-1 erstwhile Ronaldo was replaced by Jesse Lingard arsenic United — playing defensively aft a reddish paper successful the 35th infinitesimal for defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka — withstood expanding unit from the unheralded Swiss champion roared connected by astir of a noisy 31,120 crowd.

But determination was a precocious twist arsenic Lingard's misplaced backmost walk heavy into stoppage clip teed up Jordan Pefok to settee the crippled with astir the past kick.

Champions League highlights: Young Boys vs Manchester United

Pefok pounced connected the escaped shot down the United defence to sprout past goalkeeper David De Gea, giving Young Boys manager David Wagner a stellar commencement to his archetypal Champions League campaign.

"This is thing perfectly extraordinary," Wagner said, though adding "we person to accidental it was deserved."

Pefok's extremity came from Young Boys' 19th effort connected goal, compared to 2 for United — some from Ronaldo — and nary aft the 24th minute.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United. (Getty)

Asked wherefore helium removed his superstar from the action, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said "he's exceptional but we person to look aft him arsenic well."

"It felt similar the close infinitesimal to instrumentality him off," Solskjaer said, noting that the Swiss champion's artificial aboveground — the lone integrative transportation of the 32 Champions League teams this play — "takes its toll arsenic well."

It each added up to a 3rd radical signifier nonaccomplishment for United successful Switzerland successful the past decennary aft 2 defeats astatine Basel.

Both coaches cited Wan-Bissaka's reddish paper arsenic a crippled changer.

His footwear went done the shot successful a situation connected Christopher Martins heavy successful the Young Boys half.

"It was ne'er reckless oregon malicious but astir apt a small spot inexperienced to spell done there," Solskjaer said.

Ronaldo's extremity successful the 13th infinitesimal was created by Bruno Fernandes' clever walk with the extracurricular of his close ft into the way of his Portugal teammate for a debased changeable that squirmed nether goalkeeper David von Ballmoos.

Young Boys deservedly levelled successful the 66th infinitesimal erstwhile midfielder Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu met a debased and deflected transverse into a crowded goalmouth with a changeable that bushed De Gea astatine his adjacent post.

Ronaldo claimed a stock of much Champions League past conscionable by playing his archetypal United crippled successful the contention since the 2009 final.

His 177th vocation quality successful the Champions League due tied the grounds held by Iker Casillas, his longtime teammate astatine Real Madrid.

Both Ronaldo and Casillas person played an other 4 games successful qualifying rounds.

Those Champions League qualifying rounds seemed to person prepared Young Boys good for facing a prima studded United squad playing conscionable its 5th competitory crippled of the season.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. (Manchester United via Getty Imag)

The Swiss squad was crisp and carnal successful its 13th crippled of a play that started successful mid-July with the archetypal of six Champions League qualifiers.

"We ever knew that they are a precocious intensity, energetic, diversion team." Solskjaer said, noting his team's nonaccomplishment to make much counterattacks aft Raphael Varane came connected for the 2nd fractional to dependable the defence.

Solskjaer besides lamented a punishment footwear not fixed by French referee Francois Letexier erstwhile Ronaldo had breached wide of Young Boys defender Mohamed Ali Camara successful the 54th minute.

"That's what sometimes you get with young refs," the United manager said, suggesting Letexier "probably didn't situation bash it due to the fact that helium had to nonstop (Camara) disconnected then."

Still, the aboriginal effect successful Group F was favorable with Villarreal and Atalanta drafting 2-2 successful Spain.

United hosts Villarreal connected September 30 (AEST) — a rematch of past season's Europa League last that it lost.

Atalanta hosts Young Boys connected the aforesaid day.

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