Scheana Shay & Brock Davies’ Romantic History: From Dating To Baby To Getting Engaged

4 days ago

Scheana Shay and Brock Davies are reportedly engaged aft dating for astir 2 years. Check retired the timeline of their emotion communicative here!

Congratulations are successful bid for Scheana Shay and Brock Davies! The 36-year-old Vanderpump Rules prima and her hunky beau, who stock a babe miss together, are engaged to beryllium married, E! News confirmed connected July 21. The breathtaking quality comes little than 24 hours aft Scheana caused engagement speculation by showing disconnected a huge diamond ring connected her near manus ringing digit during an outing with Brock and friends connected the nighttime of July 20.

The soon-to-be bride and groom person gone done a batch unneurotic since they started dating successful 2019, and we’re thrilled for them! As we articulation their fans successful celebrating their caller committedness to each other, let’s instrumentality a look backmost connected immoderate of the biggest moments successful their romance!

They marque their archetypal connection.

Scheana Shay, Brock DaviesScheana and Brock astatine a erstwhile event. (Shutterstock)

Scheana and Brock archetypal started dating successful 2019. News of their narration made headlines successful Nov. of that twelvemonth aft a source told PEOPLE they had been dating “for a mates months” astatine that point. “She was introduced to him by communal friends portion astatine an lawsuit successful San Diego,” the root explained astatine the clip earlier adding that Scheana “hasn’t seemed this genuinely blessed successful a while.”

Scheana celebrates their 7-month day & introduces Brock to the world.

Although the world quality kept her narration with Brock backstage during the archetypal portion of their romance and hardly ever posted immoderate pics of him connected societal media, that each changed successful Apr. 2020. She gushed implicit her caller emotion successful an Instagram station that revealed they were celebrating their 7 period anniversary. The station included a boomerang-style video clip of the 2 of them cuddling extracurricular connected a stone successful beforehand of water, and Scheana shared a vlog that was called “Meet my bf” connected YouTube, which featured them talking astir their relationship. It tin beryllium seen below.

“I’ve waited a portion to really station thing w my BF bc negativity ever surrounds my dating beingness and it tin beryllium frustrating,” Scheana wrote successful the caption of the post. “BUT, it’s been 7 months and I’ve ne'er been happier!! I yet americium acceptable to stock our narration arsenic much than conscionable a item of stories connected here. Everything from virtually time 1 up until quarantine is documented successful my latest ‘Meet My Bf’ vlog connected youtube. Link successful profile! ♥️🥰 .”

Brock besides shared a station to his Instagram that included a gorgeous photograph of the 2 of them and a absorption to the nexus of the video.

They observe their one-year anniversary.

Scheana and Brock some took to Instagram to stock cute photos and denote that they were celebrating their one-year anniversary arsenic a mates connected Sept. 30, 2020. They included loving captions to their posts and expressed gratitude for 1 another.

“Happy Anniversary Honey!! 🥂 Omg I cannot judge it’s been a year. We person shared truthful galore memories unneurotic already and I can’t hold to spot what the aboriginal holds for us! Thank you for loving maine for me. You are my everything ♥️,” Scheana wrote alongside a pic of them posing and smiling extracurricular portion having a picnic.

“You emotion maine conscionable close chromatic 🍯. This twelvemonth has been 1 for the books. With each situation we person go stronger and closer. Thank you,” Brock wrote alongside a pic of them laughing unneurotic portion sitting aboard what looked similar the wrong of a luxurious boat.

The blessed mates denote they’re expecting a kid aft Scheana had a miscarriage.

Four months aft sadly revealing she and Brock suffered a miscarriage successful June 2020, Scheana excitingly announced she was pregnant with her “rainbow baby.” She posted a pic of her and Brock cuddling arsenic she held a sonogram pic and affirmative gestation trial up to the camera connected Oct. 28, 2020. “IT’S ALL HAPPENING APRIL 2021!!! We are expecting our rainbow baby!!! 🌈👶🏻,” she wrote successful the caption.

They invited their daughter, Summer Moon Honey Davies.

Scheana made the fantastic announcement that she became a mother erstwhile she posted an adorable photograph of her and Brock holding their caller bundle of joyousness successful a infirmary country connected Apr. 27, 2021. She talked astir the labour and however blessed she was with her caller summation successful a lengthy caption.

“My bosom is SO FULL 🤍 On the greeting of 4/26/21 we welcomed to the satellite Summer Moon Honey Davies, weighing successful astatine 6lbs 12 oz,” the caption began. “Almost 24 hours aft being induced, my humor unit was highly elevated. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which has present turned into HELLP syndrome. My doc said I was lucky, and we caught this conscionable successful clip to dainty arsenic it’s precise antithetic to beryllium caught truthful late, successful postpartum.”

“Until this greeting I was connected a magnesium drip that made maine highly lethargic and flu-like, shivering uncontrollably to the constituent wherever I felt similar I was seizing,” she continued. “Having not caught this information successful time, that would person been likely. I americium inactive being monitored intimately for elevated liver enzymes and debased humor platelets and not definite however overmuch longer we volition beryllium here.”

“Thank you to everyone who has reached retired and sent their emotion and convey you to the astonishing unit present astatine Cedars-Sinai,” she concluded. “We are decidedly feeling each the feels and conscionable truthful excited to beryllium Summer’s parents!!! 🌈”

They reportedly get engaged.

Scheana and Brock archetypal sparked rumors of an engagement erstwhile they went connected a meal day astatine Craig’s edifice successful Los Angeles, CA connected July 20, 2021 and Scheana showed disconnected a monolithic diamond ringing connected her near hand. Shortly aft the outing, E! News confirmed that the 2 are so readying connected getting joined and Brock besides seemed to hint astatine the quality successful a caller Instagram Live, erstwhile helium told a fan, who asked if helium and Scheana were getting hitched, that they would “find retired what happens” soon and to “check retired the quality articles.”