‘Scream’s Ending: How The New Ghostface Was Revealed In Fifth Movie

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January 14, 2022 4:32PM EST

A caller ‘Scream’ means caller slayer and perchance killers. Act 3 of the 5th ‘Scream’ movie featured an epic twist erstwhile Sam, Sidney, Gale, and much came face-to-face with the caller Ghostface. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The caller Scream came to play successful a large mode erstwhile it came to its slayer reveal. Ghostface returned to Woodsboro to reign panic erstwhile again connected a caller radical of teenagers. Ghostface started disconnected by attacking Tara (Jenna Ortega) astatine her location and stabbing her respective times. Despite the gruesome battle, Tara managed to past Ghostface’s wrath.

Tara’s hospitalization brought her estranged sister, Sam (Melissa Barrera), backmost to town. Sam took disconnected erstwhile she was 18 aft learning the information astir her parentage. When she was 13, Sam discovered that her father was really Billy Loomis. Her parent and Billy slept unneurotic successful precocious schoolhouse earlier helium went connected his murderous rampage.

David ArquetteDavid Arquette successful ‘Scream.’ (Everett Collection)

Ghostface killed respective different people, including Wes Hicks (Dylan Minnette), Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), and the beloved Dewey Riley (David Arquette). Dewey sacrificed himself truthful Sam, Tara, and Richie (Jack Quaid) could escape. It each led up to a enactment astatine Amber’s house, which utilized to beryllium Stu Macher’s house.

Ghostface attacked Chad (Mason Gooding) extracurricular astatine the party, and helium was presumed dead. Sam, Tara, and Richie showed up astatine Amber’s location to get an other inhaler. Amber (Mikey Madison) sent the remainder of the partygoers distant truthful that it was lone Sam, Tara, Richie, Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), and Liv (Sonia Ammar).

In a country that mirrored what happened to her Uncle Randy, Mindy was attacked by Ghostface. After that, everyone began pointing fingers. However, Amber decided to spell rogue and revealed herself arsenic the killer. She changeable and killed Liv successful beforehand of everyone.

Mikey MadisonAmber was the archetypal slayer to beryllium revealed. (Everett Collection)

Sidney and Gale arrived astatine Stu’s aged location arsenic Amber stumbled extracurricular acting similar she was hurt. Sidney and Gale knew this was a trap. Amber ended up shooting Gale earlier bolting backmost inside. Sidney ran aft Amber (as Ghostface) and battled the slayer connected the 2nd floor. Amber went aft Richie earlier throwing Sidney implicit the railing.

Richie survived and that’s due to the fact that helium was the second killer. He was the 1 who attacked Tara. Richie stabbed Sam earlier taking her into the kitchen, mirroring the country successful the original movie. Richie and Amber explained that they met connected Reddit and were seeking to revive the Stab franchise. They were aggravated astir however they’ve been branded a “toxic fandom.”

As with the archetypal film, Sam was capable to get the precocious manus connected Richie and stabbed him done the neck. She had 1 past imaginativeness of her father, who led her to the knife. Amber ended up dormant arsenic good aft Tara, Sidney, and Gale teamed up connected her. After being doused with manus sanitizer, Amber was lit connected occurrence by the stove. She was yet changeable dormant by Tara. Mindy and Chad survived the onslaught by the Ghostface killers, arsenic did everyone else.

Jack QuaidRichie was the 2nd slayer to beryllium revealed. (Everett Collection)

In the end, Gale decided against penning astir the latest murders successful an effort to not springiness the killers the fame they wanted. She planned connected penning a publication astir Dewey. Scream is present successful theaters.