Several major websites go down in widespread internet outage

6 days ago

Several large websites were down connected Thursday successful what appears to beryllium a wide outage.

Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Capital One, Go Daddy, Vanguard, UPS, LastPass, AT&T and Costco were among the websites loading dilatory oregon showing "DNS failure."

Some of the outages look localized, meaning immoderate users whitethorn beryllium capable to entree the sites portion others cannot.

The Delta outage means customers can't cheque successful for flights oregon look up fares online, but the institution said customers tin cheque successful with a Delta cause astatine the airport.

"We're experiencing impermanent method issues serving our customers on and the Fly Delta mobile app," said a connection connected Delta's website. "We apologize for the delay, and are moving to reconstruct the tract arsenic rapidly arsenic possible."

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