Shanae Ankney: 5 Things About ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Stirring Up Drama On Clayton’s Season

3 months ago

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January 24, 2022 1:15PM EST

It wouldn’t beryllium a play of ‘The Bachelor’ without immoderate drama, and connected play 26, Shanae Ankney is proving to beryllium 1 of the women stirring up the astir occupation truthful far!

Tensions are precocious between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan connected play 26 of The Bachelor! The play betwixt the ladies started during the Jan. 11 occurrence erstwhile Shanae told Clayton Echard that determination were “red flags” with Elizabeth, adjacent calling her “two-faced.” When Clayton approached Elizabeth with the concerns, she was precise caught disconnected guard. Elizabeth brought up however Shanae got precise carnal with her during the erstwhile radical date, but explained that she decided not to bring it up truthful the play could beryllium avoided.

Eventually, Elizabeth confronted Shanae face-to-face. Shanae explained that she felt Elizabeth had a “mean miss vibe” due to the fact that she “wouldn’t adjacent look” astatine her during a erstwhile speech by the pool. Elizabeth explained that she struggles with having conversations with much than 1 idiosyncratic due to the fact that of her ADHD, and the ladies went backmost and forth, airing retired their issues with 1 another. By the extremity of the episode, determination was nary resolve, and it appears that this feud volition transportation into the Jan. 24 episode. For now, larn much astir Shanae below:

1. What Does Shanae Do? 

shanae ankneyShanae successful her promo photograph for ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Shanae works arsenic a recruiter successful Ohio. She is the Director of Recruiting astatine, antecedently moving arsenic a Relationship Analyst astatine the company. She has been with the institution since July 2015. is simply a personalized work transportation steadfast for mid-sized organizations. Before that, Shanae worked arsenic an administrative adjunct to a neurosurgeon astatine Ohio State University. She held the presumption for 9 months successful 2017.

2. Shanae Was Baptized In 2021

In November 2021, Shanae shared a photograph of herself getting baptized. “Such a peculiar time for me,” she wrote. “One of the champion days of my life.” Faith seems to beryllium precise important to Shanae, and she adjacent describes herself arsenic “faithful, diligent and lovable” successful her ABC bio.

3. Shanae Is A Licensed Cosmetologist

In summation to her enactment with, Shanae is besides a licensed cosmetologist. She does not beforehand her beautician enactment much, but her LinkedIn leafage references the license.

shanae ankney clayton echardShanae gathering Clayton for the archetypal clip connected ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

4. What Is Shanae Looking For In A Partner? 

“[Shanae] is present to find a antheral who tin support up with her successful each facets of life,” her ABC bio reads. “She is looking for a antheral with assurance that won’t discarded clip playing games. She besides values her independence, truthful portion Shanae wants to physique a beingness with someone, she besides wants idiosyncratic who encourages her to execute the goals she has acceptable retired for herself. Above all, Shanae wants to beryllium capable to beryllium herself with a antheral who volition grant and cherish her for the gem that she is.”

5. Shanae Loves Christmas

Shanae loves Christmas truthful overmuch that she keeps her histrion up each twelvemonth round! Of course, owed to however faith-based she is, it’s astir much than conscionable the lights and decorations for Shanae. A photograph of her 2021 Christmas histrion reveals 1 ornament beforehand and halfway that reads, “Jesus is the crushed for the season.”