Sharon Osbourne Details ‘Volatile’ Relationship With Ozzy: We Used To ‘Beat’ Each Other

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September 14, 2021 10:33PM EDT

Sharon Osbourne called her and her hubby Ozzy Osbourne’s fights ‘legendary,’ successful a caller interview, arsenic she discussed their past and a biopic they’re moving connected astir their beingness together.

Sharon Osbourne, 68, is fearlessly opening up astir her rocky and convulsive past with her hubby Ozzy Osbourne, 72. The former big of The Talk spoke to Daily Mail astir her erstwhile “volatile” narration with the rocker arsenic good arsenic a biopic they’re some moving connected astir their beingness together, successful a caller video interrogation that was released connected Sept. 14. “Our fights were legendary due to the fact that we would bushed the s**t retired of each other,” she told the outlet successful the interview. Check retired the video HERE.

“It stopped, indispensable be, 20 years ago, but we had a bully run,” she added.

Sharon and Ozzy got joined successful 1982 and started a household soon after. They are the parents of 3 children, including girl Aimee, 38, who stays mostly retired of the spotlight, daughter Kelly, 36, and lad Jack, 35. The British quality said she hopes the biopic she’s moving on, which volition item the bully and atrocious times successful her and Ozzy’s life, volition statesman filming successful the spring.

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy OsbourneSharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne astatine an awards show. (Shutterstock)

“It’s a movie astir Ozzy’s and my life, however we came unneurotic successful the aboriginal days and our volatile relationship,” she said. “All the fights, each the makeups, each the fights, each the arrests, each the everything. And it’s a emotion story.”

“People are going to ticker it go, ‘This isn’t allowed. They shouldn’t behave that mode and enactment it connected film’,” she continued. “But [we’re] lone talking the truth. Some radical person volatile relationships and ours was precise volatile.”

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy OsbourneSharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne were joined successful 1982. (Shutterstock)

Although their fights deed an all-time precocious successful the precocious 1980s erstwhile Ozzy was accused of attempted execution for reportedly trying to strangle Sharon, the doting woman admits she besides had her moments of violence. “I’ve deed guys successful concern and it’s similar … sorry. That’s the mode I was brought up,” she explained. “I famously deed a promoter – I kneed him successful the crotch and past I caput butted him.”

She went connected to explicate that the contented was implicit wealth and laughed portion recalling the situation, confirming the promoter was trying to stiff her. “I got the money,” she proudly said.

As acold arsenic what caused her and Ozzy to halt the violence, Sharon said that it was a determination that came from growth. “You grow,” she said. “You turn to a signifier wherever it sickens you. You turn to a signifier wherever it physically makes you sick, but erstwhile you’re young and, you know, you’re warring the world. It’s different.”