'Shocked' teammate weighs in on Paine's future

1 week ago

Australian batter Marcus Harris said the playing radical lone recovered retired astir Tim Paine's impending resignation fractional an hr earlier it was announced to the world.

"There wasn't overmuch clip to digest it, but it was a shock," Harris told reporters connected Wednesday.

"Tim's evidently been a greater person astir the group, he's ever been truly bully to maine and my household - our hearts erstwhile retired for Tim, and Bonnie, and the kids and his family."

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Harris said that Paine's intelligence quality would transportation him done the saga and that contempt losing his relation arsenic the squad leader, helium was inactive a well-liked and integral portion of the set-up.

The opener flat-batted questions astir whether Paine should inactive beryllium the captain, arsenic you'd expect - but did accidental that helium was looking guardant to seeing the erstwhile skipper erstwhile helium links up with the squad successful the coming days.

Marcus Harris is 1 of Australia's incumbent Test openers, on with David Warner. (Getty)

"As agelong arsenic it's COVID-safe I'll springiness him a hug," helium joked.

Paine volition stay successful the team, but Harris said there's nary shortage of leaders successful the campy up of the archetypal Test, which starts successful 2 weeks.

"People were a spot shocked, but we've got leaders astir our radical - truthful it's not ideal, but someone's going to person to measurement up and pb from the beforehand and there's plentifulness of radical who tin bash that job."

Harris said contempt nary longer being captain, determination was nary uncertainty Paine inactive belonged.

"Absolutely, he's done a truly bully occupation successful the past 2 years nether pugnacious circumstances, and I deliberation you'd astir apt inactive reason that he's inactive the champion gloveman successful the country," Harris said.

Tim Paine (Getty)

"He inactive played a fewer important innings past summertime against India, and I cognize he's got the enactment of each the players - each that different stuff's up to radical supra me."

Harris said neither Paine nor manager Justin Langer had addressed the squad directly, but that each idiosyncratic subordinate had reached retired to the erstwhile captain.

"Probably everyone's spoken to him personally, I sent him a connection the different time and spoke to him a small bit. Obviously Painey's a precise fashionable subordinate of the group.

"When you person things going on, sometimes the champion happening to bash is really beryllium retired successful the mediate and playing cricket and taking your caput disconnected things."

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