Simone Biles Shares Her Fave Pics With BF & Talks About When She Wants Kids In Fan Q&A

4 days ago

While awaiting the commencement of the Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles revealed to her fans if she wants to person children eventually. See her reply here!

Simone Biles is divulging immoderate details astir her idiosyncratic beingness to her fans. The 24-year-old gymnast, who is presently successful Tokyo, Japan awaiting the commencement of the 2021 Summer Olympics, got idiosyncratic with her fans successful a Q&A connected her Instagram Stories connected Wednesday, July 21. While Simone answered trivial questions astir topics similar her favourite effect and existent Netflix binges, she besides shared a fewer snaps of her fellow Jonathan Owens, 25, and revealed if and erstwhile she’ll ever person children.

In 1 IG slide, a instrumentality asked Simone to stock her “fav pic” of her and Jonathan. However, the Olympic superstar could not settee connected conscionable 1 photo, and alternatively shared 3 pics of the blessed mates together. On different slide, Simone was asked, “Do you privation to person kids successful the future?,” to which she responded: “One time successful the acold future.” Considering however engaged Simone is with gymnastics, we truly can’t blasted her for not having motherhood astatine the apical of mind.

Simone BilesSimone Biles astatine the Gymnastics World Championships successful Stuttgart, Germany connected Oct. 10, 2019 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Simone seems happier than ever dating Jonathan. The lovebirds kicked disconnected their romance astir Mar. 2020, and haven’t been shy astir showing disconnected their emotion for each different ever since. When Simone posted a photograph of herself taking successful the “dream” of competing successful the Olympic trials successful June, Jonathan made it known he’d beryllium watching her with the comment, “can’t hold to watch. You successful the city, baby. Let’s go.”

However, Simone was admittedly upset erstwhile the clip came to leave Jonathan and pitchy disconnected to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics. On July 14, the jock hinted in Twitter and Instagram posts that she was “crying” connected the level leaving down her household and friends, Jonathan included. “Not maine crying connected the level due to the fact that I’ll miss my household & friends,” she sarcastically wrote. Luckily, Simone volition person Jonathan — arsenic good arsenic the full United States — cheering her connected arsenic she goes for the golden successful Tokyo!