Simone Biles Wishes BF Jonathan Owens Happy Birthday From Tokyo: I Love You So Much

3 days ago


July 22, 2021 10:33AM EDT

Simone Biles penned an other saccharine Instagram post, wherever she promised to observe her fellow Jonathan Owens’ day erstwhile she’s location aft the Olympics.

Simone Biles24, made definite to privation her boyfriend, NFL subordinate Jonathan Owens26, a precise aboriginal day connection connected Thursday July 22, portion she’s successful Tokyo for the Olympics. Simone pointed retired that with the clip quality betwixt the United States and Tokyo, it was already Jonathan’s day for her. She shared tons of saccharine photos to observe her man’s peculiar day.

Even though she wasn’t capable to observe successful person, Simone wrote astir however fantastic it’s been to day Jonathan successful the past year. “HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY BABE,” she wrote. “[I] emotion you truthful much. Can’t hold to observe you erstwhile I get home! Thanks for keeping maine sane during the craziest times. An receptor to vent to, idiosyncratic to stock amusive times with and marque the champion of memories.”

All the pictures amusement disconnected the blessed mates smiling and cuddling up adjacent to 1 another. She finished her connection by hoping the Houston Texans antiaircraft backmost has a large day, portion she prepares for the Olympics to footwear disconnected connected Friday July 23. “Not definite however I got truthful fortunate & what I’d bash without you! But I anticipation you person the champion time ever. Not excessively overmuch amusive without maine though,” she wrote.

Simone Biles laughs successful a Good Morning America interview. (Eric Risberg/AP/Shutterstock)

The day station is lone the latest amusement of affection betwixt the pair. The diversion superstar mates person taken to Instagram connected plentifulness of occasions to hype each different up and cheer the different connected successful their respective sports. Ahead of the games, Simone revealed that Jonathan helped her hole for the Olympics and instrumentality immoderate unit disconnected successful a June interview. “Since we are some nonrecreational athletes, we thin to devour precise healthy,” she told Health Magazine.

When Simone was preparing for the Olympics and competing successful the Olympic trials, Jonathan commented connected 1 of her posts and fto her cognize that helium “can’t hold to watch” her. Besides supporting each different successful their games, the mates person shared plentifulness of romantic photos of themselves getting cozy with 1 different and spending tons of clip connected day nights. As she boarded for Tokyo, Simone said she was crying, due to the fact that she’d miss her friends and household portion competing.