Sinead O’Connor’s Kids: Everything To Know About Her 4 Children, Including Son Shane

7 months ago

The critically-acclaimed vocalist has had 4 children passim her life. Find retired everything you request to cognize astir her 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Sinéad O’Connor was 1 of the astir critically-acclaimed popstars of the 90s. The 55-year-old Irish singer-songwriter made her philharmonic debut successful 1987 with her album The Lion And The Cobra, and she rapidly roseate to fame with her 1990 sophomore effort I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, which included a chart-topping cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” After a arguable quality on Saturday Night Live, which included her ripping up a photograph of Pope John Paul II, Sinéad faced superior backlash. Despite the controversy, she’s continued to merchandise music, with her astir caller medium being 2014’s I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss, and she’s anticipated to driblet what she described arsenic her last album No Veteran Dies Alone successful 2022.

Throughout her life, Sinéad had been joined 4 times and has had 4 children. The vocalist sadly shared that her 3rd child Shane had died by termination astatine property 17 successful a January 17 tweet. “My beauteous son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the precise airy of my life, decided to extremity his earthly conflict contiguous and is present with God,” she wrote. Find retired everything astir Sinéad and her children here.

Jake Reynolds

Sinead with her lad Jake successful 1995. (Shutterstock)

Sinéad’s archetypal matrimony was to grounds producer John Reynolds who produced her debut album. The vocalist gave commencement to her oldest son Jake Reynolds, 34, successful June 1987. While Sinéad and John’s matrimony didn’t enactment out, the brace person continued to collaborate connected a fig of albums since the 1991 divorce, including Sinéad’s 2014 record. Jake has a kid of his own, making Sinéad a grandmother. She announced her son’s child’s commencement successful a 2015 Facebook post, per“This for Lia and Jake and their small angel, who flew astir with maine successful Vegas past week arsenic I was singing the Foggy Dew,” she wrote.

While Jake has mostly stayed retired of the spotlight, his ma made a fewer since-deleted nationalist Facebook posts astir him regarding a custody conflict successful May 2016, via NBC NewsThe parent and lad appeared to person an occasionally tumultuous relationship. “Jake, kindly spell to the tribunal connected Tuesday and instrumentality custody your member from [Irish Child and Family Agency] Tusla,” she wrote. “Do not wantonness your member oregon immoderate different of my babies again. What you person done to your member and your parent is LITERALLY criminal.”

Roison Waters

Sinéad holding her newborn babe girl successful 1995. (Shutterstock)

After Jake was born, Sinéad opened up astir having an termination successful a 1991 interrogation with Spin. She admitted that the opus “My Special Child” was astir the experience. She admitted that adjacent though she wanted a 2nd child, the baby’s begetter seemed absent. “We were fighting. I was connected tour, and I was feeling sick each the time. I didn’t cognize what to do, and helium wasn’t truly funny successful the child. So I was near with the determination of whether oregon not to person the child, knowing that the begetter wasn’t going to beryllium around,” she told Spin. “I decided that it was amended not to and that I would person a kid astatine a aboriginal signifier erstwhile his begetter would beryllium astir and involved. I didn’t consciousness that I could grip it by myself.”

After her matrimony to her archetypal hubby ended, Sinéad started seeing Irish writer John Waters, and the brace had a daughter Roison, 25, successful March 1995. Sinéad and John had a agelong custody conflict implicit their daughter, which led to the vocalist attempting to perpetrate suicide successful 1999, according to Biography.

Shane Lunny

Sinead spending clip with shane astatine a 2011 euphony festival. (

After a little matrimony to writer Nick Sommerlad from 2001 to 2004, Sinéad had her 3rd kid Shane with Irish people singer Donal Lunny. Shane was recovered dormant astatine property 17 2 days aft helium had gone missing connected January 6, 2022, via The Guardian. The vocalist mourned her son’s death successful a bid of now-deleted tweets. After an alarming thread wherever she seemed to connote that she planned to instrumentality her ain life, Sinéad wrote successful a since-deleted that she was being taken to a infirmary for attraction pursuing Shane’s death.

I’m atrocious for what I tweeted yesterday. I’m precise upset. My lad was the emotion of my life. I americium atrocious I’ve upset tusla and conscionable astir each different quality being connected world also. I americium ruined without my son. I americium atrocious I’ve upset anyone. I’m a twat.

— Sinead The 1 And Only (@OhSineady) January 14, 2022

After the alarming tweets, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” vocalist apologized to fans for the shocking tweets, and she continued to mourn her son’s death. “I’m precise upset. My lad was the emotion of my life. I americium atrocious I’ve upset tusla and conscionable astir each different quality being connected world also. I americium ruined without my son. I americium atrocious I’ve upset anyone,” she wrote.

Yeshua Bonadio

Sinéad had her youngest son Yeshua, 15, with Frank Bonadio in 2006. Not overmuch is known astir her youngest child, but the vocalist is intelligibly a doting mother. She posted a photograph of the lad congratulating him for coming successful archetypal spot for a Halloween cake-decorating contention successful October 2019, per Mirror

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