Singer Essy Brings Some ‘Healing’ On New Song ‘So Far’: It’s ‘Something I Wrote To Cry & Dance To’

3 days ago

Exclusive Premiere

July 22, 2021 11:00AM EDT

Synthpop superstar Essy finds herself mislaid successful a ‘heartache’ connected her caller way and realizes that there’s lone 1 happening to do: permission it each connected the creation floor, including her tears.

“So far, I’m truthful bully / astatine missing you, ” Essy sings connected the chorus of her caller song, “So Far,” and the remainder of the electro-powered creation bop follows successful these heartbroken footsteps.  In the song, premiering present connected HollywoodLife, Essy finds herself pining for a mislaid emotion portion driving down immoderate lonely streets. lone to extremity up going astir successful circles done her memories. “Turning near down a thoroughfare / and past I spot your look connected a billboard abstraction / reddish eyes, tears dried / I can’t hide what I can’t replace.” With the surging production, “So Far” is the cleanable anthem for those who consciousness similar they request to creation done their sorrows.

The opus besides shows the powerfulness of Essy’s songwriting – which is astonishing considering however she wrote it aboriginal into her career. “ ‘So Far’ was 1 of the archetypal demos I ever produced myself,” Essy tells HollywoodLife. “I rediscovered it during quarantine and decided to co-produce it alongside my person Sam Martinez, who brought the way to a full caller light. It was my archetypal clip experimenting with arpeggios and synth soundscapes. I fundamentally downloaded Omnisphere and made the astir of it.”

The singer-songwriter shares that “So Far” was written “during a clip of healing,” which would explicate the affectional turmoil successful the lyrics. “There’s not overmuch you tin bash erstwhile a heartache hits,” adds Essy, “so I utilized to instrumentality agelong drives done Nashville listening to Chris Martin and Robyn to termination time. And this opus genuinely is an amalgamation of those 2 influences, thing I wrote to outcry and creation to.”

“So Far” continues to beryllium however 2021 is the twelvemonth of Essy. She released her 2nd EP, Cry For Me, successful April, which contained the rubric track, “Dancing Around The Feeling,” “Stardust,” and six different songs. The Nashville-based creator (born Rachel Braig) continues her emergence successful the euphony world. After teaching herself however to play soft astatine property 11, she secured her spot successful songwriting programs astatine Berklee College of Music and New York University’s Steinhardt School. After graduating aboriginal from the University of Virginia, she packed her bags and relocated to Music City to enactment arsenic an in-demand songwriter. In 2019, she decided to measurement retired into the spotlight connected her own, releasing her archetypal EP, Second Thoughts. A 3rd EP is slated for the fall, truthful don’t deliberation twice: beryllium definite to enactment it connected repetition erstwhile it hits streaming services.