Smartphone shipments in India fell 13% on-quarter as Chinese firms maintain their stronghold

3 days ago

Pedestrians locomotion past a Xiaomi Corp. store and a Samsung Electronics Co. store successful Mumbai, India.

Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Smartphone makers shipped astir 32.4 cardinal devices successful India betwixt April and June, according to probe steadfast Canalys.

That was astir 13% less handsets shipped compared with the erstwhile 3 months. A devastating 2nd question of Covid-19 in India betwixt February and May prompted determination lockdowns and created economical disruption that yet stifled smartphone demand.

"Smartphone vendors successful India had assumed Covid-19 would not return, and respective planned to put successful infrastructure for branded stores and partnerships with third-party offline channels," Sanyam Chaurasia, an expert astatine Canalys, said successful a statement. "But erstwhile again they were rapidly compelled to pivot to an online strategy."

On a yearly basis, smartphone shipments jumped 87% arsenic India was nether a strict nationalist lockdown for astir of the April-June play past year.

Xiaomi inactive successful rod position

Xiaomi remained connected top, holding 29% stock successful 1 of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets, according to Canalys. The Chinese smartphone maker, which recently overtook Apple to go 2nd globally, shipped 9.5 cardinal devices successful India.

Its online income received a boost from the Redmi Note 10 series, Canalys said successful its report.

Samsung hung connected to 2nd spot with a 17% stock of the Indian market. It shipped 5.5 cardinal devices betwixt April and June, hardly edging retired Vivo's 5.4 cardinal units.

Vivo, Realme and Oppo rounded up the apical five, with much than 14 cardinal devices shipped successful total, arsenic Chinese vendors maintained their dominance of the Indian smartphone market. They built their beingness implicit the years by selling comparatively high-quality smartphones astatine much affordable prices compared with the premium devices from Samsung and Apple.

Signs of recovery

Canalys said signs of a betterment successful the marketplace emerged toward the extremity of the 2nd 4th owed to a boost successful user assurance from India's assertive vaccine propulsion successful cardinal areas. The probe steadfast expects a rebound successful the 2nd fractional of the twelvemonth arsenic brands grow their promotional activities and merchandise caller devices.

"But the 2nd fractional volition not spot a surge successful pent-up request similar past year. The menace of a 3rd question inactive looms successful India, but arsenic national behaviour and concern operations proceed to accommodate to pandemic conditions, its interaction should beryllium minimal," Chaurasia said.

Smartphone makers volition apt besides look challenges including expanding costs, constricted proviso of parts — specified arsenic representation chips — rising shipping charges and a pugnacious economical environment, according to the probe firm.

Chaurasia explained that the shortage of components adds to the hazard of determination de-prioritization, wherever the smartphone makers whitethorn look to allocate their constricted supplies of devices to much lucrative, high-end markets.