‘Spin’ Exclusive Trailer: Meet Rhea’s Crew & Her Crush In New Disney Channel Original Movie

4 days ago

The Disney Channel Original Movie dynasty continues with ‘Spin!’ HL has an EXCLUSIVE caller trailer of the upcoming DCOM that gives a glimpse astatine Rhea’s friends!

Spin premieres August 13 astatine 8 p.m. connected Disney Channel and joins the long database of DCOMs that we cognize and love. The movie follows Rhea (Avantika), a relatable Indian American teen who discovers her passionateness for creating DJ mixes that blend the affluent textures of her South Asian civilization and the satellite astir her. In our EXCLUSIVE trailer, you get to conscionable Rhea’s champion friends.

Molly, Watson, and Ginger are portion of her coding crew. Ginger is besides an “amazing influencer.” There’s besides Max, a “dreamy British boy” with a “smashing accent.” This eclectic radical of friends is what keeps Rhea’s life very interesting.

Molly WatsonMolly and Watson successful ‘Spin.’ (Disney Channel)

“Molly and Watson are the explanation of duplicate flames,” Avantika tells HollywoodLife. “The 2 partners-in-crime are each champion person duo’s dream! Ginger is simply a feisty influencer who, contempt her tremendous following, ever puts her friends first. Together – Molly, Watson, Ginger, and Rhea – are the cleanable person group!”

Anna Cathcart, who plays Molly, reveals Molly is simply a “supportive, loyal, and encouraging friend. She loves to make amusive inventions successful her school’s coding nine and ever has her besties’ backs!”

Jahbril Cook, who play Watson, notes that his quality is “the crisp and savvy decorator of the person group, with a keen oculus for benignant and aesthetics. He rocks a cute pastel nail palette, truthful you cognize he’s got bully taste! If you request to marque thing look fly, Watson’s your feline – with a small assistance from his besties, of course: He and Molly are inseparable partners successful coding and successful life, and the Pizza Drone is fundamentally their magnum opus. Rhea’s wide genius makes up for immoderate gaps successful Watson’s skills. And Ginger is to manner arsenic Watson is to logos and GUIs (and the occasional coding nine jacket).”

As for Ginger, Kerri Medders says that Ginger is “a societal media contented creator who uses her level to propulsion and enactment her friends. All Ginger wants is the champion for her friends and successful the process, you get to spot her passionateness and excitement. I deliberation viewers are going to emotion my quality due to the fact that she has a tone astir her that translates to however large her bosom is with the ones she’s closest to.”

Rhea MaxRhea and Max successful the upcoming DCOM. (Disney Channel)

DJ Max is “extremely passionate and fun,” according to Michael Bishop. “Fans are going to emotion Max due to the fact that he’s the cleanable blend of dorky and cool… but possibly I’m a small biased.”

In Spin, everything changes for Rhea erstwhile she falls for aspiring DJ Max and her long-lost fervor for euphony is re-ignited. Rhea discovers that she has a earthy acquisition for creating beats and producing music, but indispensable find the courageousness to travel her existent interior talent.