Start-up investors are warning of dark days ahead as boom times are 'unambiguously over'

4 weeks ago

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Slow your hiring! Cut backmost connected marketing! Extend your runway!

The task superior missives are back, and they're coming successful hot.

With tech stocks cratering done the archetypal 5 months of 2022 and the Nasdaq connected gait for its second-worst 4th since the 2008 fiscal crisis, start-up investors are telling their portfolio companies they won't beryllium spared successful the fallout, and that conditions could beryllium worsening.

"It volition beryllium a longer betterment and portion we can't foretell however long, we tin counsel you connected ways to hole and get done to the different side," Sequoia Capital, the legendary task steadfast known for aboriginal bets connected Google, Apple and WhatsApp, wrote successful a 52-page presentation titled "Adapting to Endure," a transcript of which CNBC obtained.

Y Combinator, the start-up incubator that helped spawn Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe, told founders successful an email past week that they request to "understand that the mediocre nationalist marketplace show of tech companies importantly impacts VC investing."

It's a stark opposition to 2021, erstwhile investors were rushing into pre-IPO companies astatine sky-high valuations, deal-making was happening astatine a frenzied gait and buzzy bundle start-ups were commanding multiples of 100 times revenue. That epoch reflected an extended bull marketplace successful tech, with the Nasdaq Composite notching gains successful 11 of the past 13 years, and task backing successful the U.S. reaching $332.8 cardinal past year, up sevenfold from a decennary earlier. according to the National Venture Capital Association.

The abrupt alteration successful sentiment is reminiscent of 2008, erstwhile the illness successful the subprime owe marketplace infected the full U.S. banking strategy and dragged the state into recession. At the time, Sequoia published the infamous memo titled, "R.I.P. Good Times," proclaiming to start-ups that "cuts are a must" on with the "need to go currency travel positive."

Sequoia Capital Global Managing Partner Doug Leone speaks onstage during Day 2 of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 astatine Moscone Center connected September 6, 2018 successful San Francisco, California.

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However, Sequoia hasn't ever nailed the timing of its warnings. In March 2020, the steadfast called the Covid-19 pandemic the "Black Swan of 2020" and implored founders to propulsion backmost connected marketing, hole for customers to chopped spending and measure whether "you tin bash much with less."

As it turns out, exertion request lone accrued and the Nasdaq had its champion twelvemonth since 2009, spurred connected by debased involvement rates and a surge successful spending connected products for distant work.

This clip around, Sequoia's words look much similar the emerging accepted contented successful Silicon Valley. The marketplace started to crook successful November, with companies going nationalist trickling to a halt to commencement 2022. The crossover funds that fueled truthful overmuch of the backstage marketplace roar person pulled mode backmost arsenic they grapple with historical losses successful their nationalist portfolios, said Deena Shakir, a spouse astatine Lux Capital, which has offices successful New York City and Silicon Valley.

'Prepared for winter'

"Companies that precocious raised astatine precise precocious prices astatine the tallness of valuation ostentation whitethorn beryllium grappling with precocious pain rates and near-term challenges increasing into those valuations," Shakir told CNBC successful an email. "Others that were much dilution-sensitive and chose to rise little whitethorn present request to see avenues for extending runway that would person seemed unpalatable to them conscionable months ago."

In its first-quarter missive to constricted partners, Lux reminded investors that it had been predicting specified occupation for months. The steadfast cited its fourth-quarter letter, which told companies to sphere currency and debar putting wealth down unprofitable growth.

"Our companies heeded that proposal and astir companies are present prepared for winter," Lux wrote.

Sustained increases successful substance and nutrient prices, the ongoing pandemic and raging geopolitical conflicts person collided successful specified a mode that investors present fearfulness out-of-control inflation, rising involvement rates and a recession each astatine once.

What's antithetic this time, according to Sequoia's presentation, is there's nary "quick-fix argumentation solution." The steadfast said that what it missed successful aboriginal 2020 was the government's assertive response, which was to determination wealth into the system and to support borrowing rates artificially debased by buying bonds.

"This time, galore of those tools person been exhausted," Sequoia wrote. "We bash not judge that this is going to beryllium different steep correction followed by an arsenic swift V-shaped betterment similar we saw astatine the outset of the pandemic."

Sequoia told its companies to look astatine projects, probe and development, selling and elsewhere for opportunities to chopped costs. Companies don't person to instantly propulsion the trigger, the steadfast added, but they should beryllium acceptable to bash it successful the adjacent 30 days if needed.

Job cuts and hiring freezes person already go a large communicative wrong large nationalist tech companies. Snap, Facebook, Uber and Lyft person each said they would dilatory hiring successful the coming months, portion Robinhood and Peloton announced jobs cuts.

And among companies that are inactive private, unit reductions are underway astatine Klarna and Cameo, portion Instacart is reportedly slowing hiring up of an expected archetypal nationalist offering. Cloud bundle vendor Lacework announced staffing cuts connected Friday, six months aft the institution was valued astatine $1.3 cardinal by task investors.

"We person adjusted our program to summation our currency runway done to profitability and importantly strengthened our equilibrium expanse truthful we tin beryllium much opportunistic astir concern opportunities and upwind uncertainty successful the macro environment," Lacework said successful a blog post.

Tomasz Tunguz, managing manager astatine Redpoint Ventures, told CNBC that galore start-up investors person been advising their companies to support capable currency connected manus for astatine slightest 2 years of imaginable pain. That's a caller speech and it goes on with pugnacious discussions astir valuations and pain rates.

Shakir agreed with that assessment. "Like many, we astatine Lux person been advising our companies to deliberation agelong term, widen runway to 2+ years if possible, instrumentality a precise adjacent look astatine reducing pain and improving gross margins, and commencement to acceptable expectations that near-term aboriginal financings are improbable to look similar what they whitethorn person expected six oregon 12 months ago," she wrote.

In a post connected May 16, with the headline, "The Upside of a Downturn," Lightspeed Venture Partners began by saying, "The roar times of the past decennary are unambiguously over." Among the sub-headlines, 1 reads, "Cut Non-Essential Activities."

"Many CEOs volition marque achy decisions successful bid to support their companies afloat successful choppy waters," Lightspeed wrote. "Some volition look trade-offs that lone a fewer months agone would person seemed outlandish oregon unnecessary."

Lux highlighted 1 of the achy decisions it expects to see. For respective companies, the steadfast said, "sacrificing radical volition travel earlier sacrificing valuation."

But task firms are keen to punctual founders that large companies look from the darkest of times. Those that beryllium they tin past and adjacent thrive erstwhile superior is successful abbreviated supply, the reasoning goes, are positioned to flourish erstwhile the system bounces back.

For companies that tin adhd endowment today, there's much disposable due to the fact that of hiring freezes astatine immoderate of the biggest companies, Sequoia said. And Lightspeed noted that exertion volition proceed to advancement careless of what's happening successful the market.

"Despite each the speech of doom and gloom, we proceed to beryllium optimistic astir the opportunities to physique and put successful generational exertion companies," Shakir said. "We've been heartened to spot our CEOs exchanging notes and tips with 1 another, astatine erstwhile energized and humbled by these changing conditions."

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