Steve Harvey, 64, Rocks White Silk Shirt & Fans Rave Over His ‘Unreal’ Style

1 week ago


January 14, 2022 9:21AM EST

Steve Harvey has rapidly go a benignant icon & the TV big proved that erstwhile helium rocked a silk achromatic apical with pinkish pants, sending fans into a tizzy astir his astonishing style.

If there’s 1 happening for definite astir Steve Harvey, 64, it is that helium has impeccable benignant and his latest outfit conscionable whitethorn beryllium our favorite. The TV presenter showed disconnected his benignant erstwhile helium rocked a abbreviated sleeve silk achromatic outpouring 2022 Dunhill garment with a brace of fitted pinkish autumn 2021 Tom Ford pants and crocodile boots.

Steve’s garment featured a wrapper beforehand benignant that tied disconnected to the broadside connected the bottom. He styled his top with a brace of fitted, plea6ed salmon pinkish pants and a brace of achromatic crocodile tegument booties. His latest outfit has fans freaking retired with 1 idiosyncratic gushing, “steve harvey has the nastiest benignant retired there. i’m truthful jealous it’s unreal.”

steve harvey has the nastiest benignant retired there. i’m truthful jealous it’s unreal.

— jacky p 📼 (@1muchgravy) January 13, 2022

When Steve posted photos successful this outfit to his Instagram page, the comments conception was flooded with fans raving implicit his look. One idiosyncratic commented, “Absolutely sidesplitting it,” portion different comments read, “Okay! You look AH-MAZING! Fit.. Fly… For LIFE!” and 1 adjacent said, “Whoever your stylist is deserves a raise.”

Steve’s outfit was successful information styled by Elly Karamoh, who has been dressing Steve successful fabulous outfits during his property circuit for his caller show, Judge Steve Harvey. Aside from his silk garment and pinkish pants, Steve has been loving wrapper shirts lately and conscionable the different time helium was the peculiar impermanent connected Jimmy Kimmel Live erstwhile helium tried the look again.

For the show, Steve rocked a achromatic knit Dunhill kimono sweater with a brace of straight-leg, achromatic leather Gucci embossed trousers, and chunky achromatic leather Bottega Veneta boots.