Subway shooting suspect fails to show for planned NYC surrender: sources

1 month ago

This representation released by the New York City Police Department shows an unidentified antheral who constabulary are looking for successful transportation with the shooting decease of a rider connected a subway bid Sunday morning, May 22, 2022.


The man suspected of opening occurrence connected a subway rider astatine random, sidesplitting him arsenic the train moved implicit the Manhattan Bridge successful what officials picture arsenic different harrowing, unprovoked enactment of unit remains connected the loose, adjacent aft a clergy subordinate went to an NYPD precinct Tuesday to put his surrender, instrumentality enforcement sources say.

The NYPD called disconnected a planned quality league connected the apprehension erstwhile the suspect, Andrew Abdullah, didn't amusement up astatine the Fifth Precinct arsenic the bishop negotiated, according to the instrumentality enforcement sources. His whereabouts stay unclear, though helium whitethorn inactive beryllium readying to surrender, instrumentality enforcement sources caution.

Abdullah is wanted connected a execution complaint successful the Sunday sidesplitting of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez, a Goldman Sachs worker gunned down connected his mode to brunch. Multiple instrumentality enforcement sources accidental helium has 11 anterior arrests and an unfastened weapon lawsuit successful Harlem, and that they judge investigators had probable origin to apprehension him for Enriquez's murder.

Tuesday's developments travel astir 48 hours aft the cold-blooding sidesplitting connected the Q train. The NYPD had enactment retired wanted posters for Abdullah crossed the city.

Anyone with accusation connected his whereabouts is asked to telephone Crime Stoppers astatine 1-800-577-TIPS.

Police sources person said the fishy was seen handing the alleged execution limb disconnected to a stateless antheral extracurricular the subway presumption arsenic helium fled. Cops questioned the man, who said helium didn't cognize the shooter and was randomly handed the gun.

Witnesses told constabulary the fishy paced backmost and distant successful the train's past car earlier taking retired the weapon and opening occurrence "without provocation" connected the northbound Q bid arsenic it passed implicit the span astir 11:45 a.m.

Enriquez was changeable astatine adjacent range. He was recovered wounded successful the torso and pronounced dormant astatine a hospital.

There'd been nary anterior interaction betwixt the 2 men, constabulary accidental witnesses told them.

Latest subway sidesplitting rattles NYC

Enriquez, a guitar subordinate who spoke aggregate languages, lived connected St. John's Place and worked for Goldman Sachs successful its probe division. The institution described him arsenic a "dedicated and beloved" colleague.

"We are devastated by this senseless calamity and our deepest sympathies are with Dan's household astatine this hard time," Goldman CEO David Solomon said successful a statement.

Enriquez lived successful Park Slope for 18 years with his spouse Adam Pollock, who told the Daily Mail Enriquez ne'er took the train, but wanted to debar surging ride-share prices.

"I don't cognize wherefore I didn't combat him connected that. I conscionable didn't privation to combat with him, you know," Pollock told the Daily Mail.

Sunday's random shooting marked the latest successful a bid of specified convulsive attacks. And New Yorkers are much than connected edge.

A antheral opened occurrence wrong a Brooklyn subway train during a greeting unreserved past month, wounding 10 people. The alleged shooter faces coercion and different charges. In January, a pistillate was pushed to her decease successful beforehand of a subway bid by a stranger.

There person been hammer attacks. And shoves. And acold excessively overmuch crime, galore say.

MTA CEO and Chairman Janno Lieber acknowledged arsenic overmuch connected Monday.

"New Yorkers are pugnacious and they demonstrated again and again during the pandemic that they're trying to resume their mean lives but they can't resume mean beingness if conscionable getting astir is frightening," Lieber said. "For truthful galore New Yorkers, the transit strategy is the lone mode to get astir and to unrecorded their mean lives. You can't bash that if you're frightened to get up and spell to brunch and astir New York activities connected a Sunday, for fearfulness of being attacked."

Lieber said the Q is the enactment helium has ridden for 25 years and the bid helium and his kids usage astir regularly. They're each successful assemblage now, Lieber said, but travel location from Manhattan successful the aboriginal greeting hours, astir midnight, 1 a.m.

"It's ever felt safe," Lieber said, calling the way iconic. "Brooklynites cognize that erstwhile you travel retired of the DeKalb passageway onto the Manhattan Bridge, you spot the city's skyline. It's the mode New Yorkers get a small dose astir what's inspirational astir this metropolis -- that view."

"Now, for a while, that's not going to beryllium the aforesaid knowing that a large New Yorker, Daniel Enriquez, mislaid his beingness yesterday successful a random and cold-blooded enactment of violence," helium added. "Our hearts spell retired to his family, his sister, everybody successful his family. Our hearts spell retired to each New Yorkers who are feeling terrified astatine this moment."

The shooting comes arsenic the MTA enjoys upticks successful ridership unseen since the commencement of the pandemic. MTA officials called the latest unit a setback for their recovery.

And they're asking for the public's assistance uncovering the suspect.

"There is idiosyncratic who knows this person, from his clothing, from his signifier … there's a wanted poster retired determination and they ever accidental telephone the tips line," Lieber said. "If you cognize thing astir this idiosyncratic who appears to person committed this unspeakable crime, assistance the constabulary and assistance New York."