Suki Waterhouse Seemingly Confirms She Was Shading Ex Bradley Cooper With Cryptic TikTok

3 months ago

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January 27, 2022 5:23PM EST

The exemplary and vocalist liked a remark that appeared to marque amusive of her past narration with the ‘A Star Is Born’ director.

Suki Waterhouse, 30, hinted that she whitethorn person been dropping immoderate subtle shadiness astatine her ex Bradley Cooper, 47, successful a now-deleted TikTok video. The vocalist had posted a video with a trendy filter that adds a 5 o’clock shadiness and a septum piercing to the photo, and 1 instrumentality commented that she looked similar Bradley. She quipped astir getting her heartbroken, and seemed to corroborate it was the Silver Linings Playbook star erstwhile a instrumentality commented that she looked conscionable similar him!

Suki Waterhouse dragging Bradley Cooper connected tiktok is iconic

— Kate (@KateThornley3) January 27, 2022

Suki did look a small spot similar her ex-boyfriend with the filter, and she intelligibly thought truthful too. “Can’t judge I fto idiosyncratic who looks similar maine with this filter interruption my heart,” she wrote onscreen successful the clip. One follower commented, “Bradley Cooper besties,” and Suki liked the comment, earlier deleting the clip.

The “Melrose Meltdown” vocalist had dated Bradley from 2013 to 2015. Apparently the divided came, due to the fact that they each wanted antithetic things. She wasn’t “ready,” a root told E! News at the time. “She loves Bradley and helium loves her but she’s truthful young and wants to ore connected her acting vocation earlier becoming a mom,” the root said.

Bradley and Suki attended a White House lawsuit unneurotic successful 2014, earlier their 2015 split. (Andrew Harrer/UPI/Shutterstock)

Three years aft the split, Suki started dating Twilight star Robert Pattinsonand the 2 look wholly successful love! That’s not to accidental that determination weren’t immoderate velocity bumps earlier they got to wherever they are now. Apparently, The Hangover actor had fixed Robert a heads up astir his feelings astir his ex, according to OK! Magazine at the time. “Bradley felt that Suki enactment a batch of unit connected him to assistance her marque Hollywood connections [when they were together],” a root told OK!

Despite her ex’s alleged informing erstwhile they started dating, Suki and Robert person been going beardown ever since, and the brace seem truthful successful emotion with 1 another! The mates person adjacent been rumored to beryllium engaged connected a fewer occasions, though thing is confirmed!