Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro Abruptly Leave ‘The View’ Set After Testing Positive For COVID — Watch

3 weeks ago

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September 24, 2021 11:51AM EDT

‘The View’ co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were asked to permission the Hot Topics array aft investigating affirmative for COVID, conscionable earlier VP Kamala Harris was acceptable to travel retired for an interview.

The View co-hosts Sunny Hostin, 52, and Ana Navarro, 49, tested affirmative for COVID, and were forced to abruptly permission the acceptable of the daytime speech amusement connected Friday’s unrecorded episode. The 2 ladies, on with chap co-hosts Joy Behar, 78, and Sara Haines, 44, were seated astatine the Hot Topics array up of their interrogation with Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, erstwhile suddenly, producers asked some of them to leave. “I request the 2 of you to measurement disconnected for a second,” enforcement shaper Brian Telta told Sunny and Ana, who some looked understandably perplexed arsenic they walked disconnected set.

BREAKING: Sunny and Ana person been asked to permission the ABC workplace due to the fact that they tested affirmative for COVID.#TheView

— The Chat (@LiveOnTheChat) September 24, 2021

After Brian told the ladies, “we’re gonna bring you backmost later,” Joy asked producers if she should present Kamala for the adjacent segment. They initially told Joy yes, but past backtracked and the amusement chopped to commercial. When the amusement came back, Joy offered an mentation regarding Sunny and Ana’s abrupt exits.

“What happened is Sunny and Ana some seemingly tested affirmative for COVID. No substance however hard we try, these things happen. They astir apt person a breakthrough lawsuit and they’ll beryllium okay, I’m sure, due to the fact that they’re some vaccinated.” Because of the wellness incident, Kamala did not travel retired connected stage, but did talk to Joy and Sara via distant telephone from backstage connected set. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, 65, was not astatine Friday’s show.

Sunny & AnaSunny Hostin & Ana Navarro (Photo: ABC)