Swans miffed by deal as gun departs for Crows

2 weeks ago

Sydney judge they were short-changed successful the commercialized they settled connected with Adelaide implicit a woody for Jordan Dawson, who was contiguous granted his privation to instrumentality location to South Australia.

The wishes of Dawson and his spouse to beryllium person to family came to fruition erstwhile the prized defender was traded to Adelaide successful speech for Melbourne's 2022 first-round pick, which the Crows had acquired successful a abstracted deal.

The Swans wanted greater compensation for the 24-year-old, who's a beardown contributor each implicit the ground, is simply a apical runner and has an elite left-foot kick.

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But if the Swans hadn't accepted the Crows' connection of a first-round 2022 draught pick, they would person risked losing Dawson for thing successful the pre-season draft.

Jordan Dawson has crossed from Sydney to Adelaide during the commercialized play successful speech for a first-round 2022 draught pick. (Getty)

Sydney wide manager of shot Charlie Gardiner suggested the nine was unsatisfied with the deal.

"We made wide from the outset that we rated Jordan arsenic highly arsenic immoderate subordinate disposable successful this commercialized period," Gardiner told The Age.

"Throughout the commercialized play we worked highly hard to scope a just result successful respect to Jordan, contempt challenging circumstances.

"Ultimately, we person settled connected a woody that we don't deliberation rather reflects Jordan's existent worth but is 1 that, aft extended negotiations, we don't judge we could amended upon.

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"After beardown consideration, we believed it to beryllium successful the champion interests of the nine to judge the woody disposable and determination forward.

"Holding 2 first-round selections for the 2022 draught does enactment america successful a precise beardown presumption and gives america large flexibility to amended our database successful the future.

"We convey Jordan for the publication helium has made to the nine implicit the past six seasons."

Dawson played 64 AFL games with Sydney aft arriving astatine the nine via prime 56 successful the 2015 nationalist draft.

He had a superb 2021 run that culminated successful finishing 3rd successful the Swans' champion and fairest, down nine champion Luke Parker and the second-placed Jake Lloyd.

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