Tai Verdes: 5 Things To Know About Tik-Tok Star Performing At Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

4 days ago

One of the agleam shining stars performing astatine the 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is nary different than Tai Verdes. Before diving into the cranberry sauce, get to cognize this euphony and societal media superstar.

A twelvemonth aft a socially-distanced mentation of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the long-standing vacation contented returns successful afloat unit – and helping to marque the 2021 installment the champion 1 ever is Tai Verdes. The 26-year-old entertainer has been gathering up an assemblage some connected societal media and connected the radio. He’ll beryllium performing his opus “A-O-K” portion riding connected the Jennie-O float, which is successful the signifier of a elephantine turkey with a Thanksgiving astonishment nether its hat. “Honestly, they could enactment maine connected immoderate float, and I’d beryllium happy,” Tai told ABC Audio (per KS95).

For Tai, this is simply a accidental to scope an assemblage beyond his 1.9 cardinal followers connected TikTok oregon the millions who person streamed his songs connected Spotify, Tidal, oregon Apple Music. “It’s ever truly awesome to spot the antithetic steps that you tin instrumentality to beryllium exposed to much people,” the California autochthonal told ABC Audio. “Especially with thing similar the Macy’s Day Parade, it’s benignant of chill to spot thing that I’ve seen for similar years and beryllium a portion of that.” He besides shared that helium isn’t excessively huffy he’s spending the vacation distant from his folks and connected the different broadside of the country. “My household would usually conscionable devour meal together, we don’t person immoderate brainsick traditions, truthful it’s not similar I’m missing retired a lot.

“But I’m besides going backmost and having, like, a ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ aft — on, like, Saturday and Sunday,” helium said. As the satellite gets acceptable to excavation into their ain turkey meal and watch Tai connected the parade, here’s what you request to know.

(Paul A Hebert/Shutterstock)

1. Tai Verdes Is A Musician & TikTok Star

Tai was calved Tyler Colon and grew up successful Southern California. Displaying an involvement successful euphony from the start, Tai learned piano, guitar, and Ukulele. He attended Babson College successful Massachusetts, wherever helium played basketball. He dropped retired aft his emotion for euphony won implicit his tendency to beryllium the adjacent large NBA prima (and different reasons factored into his decision. More connected that later.)

2. Tai Blew Up In 2020

Tai’s occurrence came during the lockdown months of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. His song, “Stuck In The Middle,” recovered an assemblage and started to rack up the streams. As of November 2021, it has implicit 85 million on Spotify alone. The occurrence was practically overnight since Tai started 2020 sleeping connected a friend’s sofa portion moving astatine a Verizon store.

“I’ve listened to a clump of antithetic types of music,” helium told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “And I deliberation that mixing my dependable with a clump of antithetic types of sounds means — that’s however you get those absorbing products. Because I privation to marque euphony wherever it’s a uncommon resource.”

Tai followed up that occurrence with songs that showcased his multifaceted instrumentality connected pop, songs similar “Drugs,” “Bad Bad News,” and “We Would Have Some Cute Kids.” His biggest occurrence – truthful acold – would beryllium the opus “A-O-K,” which has deed No. 34 connected the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 4 connected the US Rock Charts. The RIAA certified it Gold, possibly the archetypal of galore important accomplishments for this talent.

(Paul A Hebert/Shutterstock)

3. He Had A Brush With Fame In The Past

“I conscionable signed up for a random world TV amusement and won 50 expansive to unrecorded successful LA for 2 years,” Tai said successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with HollywoodLife in July, close aft helium released his debut album, TV. While Tai wants the absorption to beryllium connected his contiguous and aboriginal – and not connected his world TV past – helium isn’t ashamed to admit that helium unsuccessfully tried retired for American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent. “I wouldn’t adjacent spell past the archetypal producer,” helium said with a smile.

4. Tai Does Things On His Own Terms

“There is immoderate worldly that is inevitable that you person to do,” Tai said astir the beingness of a musician, “but successful presumption of wide important things — I’m not making songs I don’t like. I’m penning my music. I’m promoting the mode that I privation to promote. I’m selling the mode that I privation to market. My squad is afloat of radical that I take due to the fact that I’m curating bully people. So that’s my vibe.”

One of the keys to Tai’s occurrence is TikTok. With astir 2 cardinal followers (as of November 2021), Tai has utilized the level to link with fans, amusement disconnected caller music, and conscionable fto his property radiance through.”It’s not similar I’m pretending to bash anything,” helium told HollywoodLife. “This is what I really similar to do. This is what I really similar to wear. It’s what I really similar to sing. I honestly deliberation that conscionable becauseI’mm doing me, and successful each the songs, it’s genuinely the essence of me.”

5. He Is Made For Southern California

Tai does not similar the acold weather. “If I spell to New York, I’m excessively cold. I dropped retired of schoolhouse partially due to the fact that it was excessively acold and miserable retired successful Boston,” helium said during the interrogation with HollywoodLife. Thankfully for Tai, the forecast for his scheduled quality during the 2021Macy’ss Thanksgiving Holiday Parade brought a spot of a”heatwave” Thursday (Nov. 25) was predicted to person a precocious of 53 degrees Fahrenheit earlier dropping down to the debased 40s for the remainder of the week.