Tasmania's $150M bid to enter AFL revealed

1 month ago

A large propulsion has travel from the Tasmanian authorities for the authorities to unafraid a stand-alone AFL team.

The Tasmanian authorities has submitted an adventurous $150 cardinal bid to unafraid its spot arsenic the AFL's 19th club.

Tasmania's caller Premier Jeremy Rockliff made the backstage submission to the league earlier this month, which would spot a squad based successful Hobart articulation the league by 2028, and arsenic aboriginal arsenic 2026.

The authorities connection includes a 10-year woody worthy $100 cardinal with an other $50 cardinal successful start-up costs, encompassing a purpose-built high-performance installation adjacent to Hobart's CBD to complement the antecedently projected state-of-the-art stadium.

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Talks are inactive ongoing astir the yearly fiscal committedness required to chopped a deal, with Caroline Wilson reporting connected Nine's Footy Classified this week the AFL projected a $20 million-a-year pledge successful a "cold hard currency grab" to triumph implicit the 18 nine presidents.

This was rapidly quashed by the league with Tasmania's connection of $10 cardinal a twelvemonth implicit a decennary is compliant with Colin Carter's 2021 enlargement report, which estimated a authorities authorities lend betwixt $7 cardinal and $11 cardinal a year.

A large propulsion has travel from the Tasmanian authorities for the authorities to unafraid a stand-alone AFL team. (via Getty Images)

Details of the bid person emerged arsenic outgoing AFL brag Gillon McLachlan struggles to triumph implicit nine presidents who "are turning connected Tasmania".

McLachlan has antecedently said helium wants to summation unanimous nine enactment alternatively than enactment the Tasmanian connection to a vote.

According to the Age, portion respective clubs person been unwilling to instrumentality a basal connected Tasmania earlier the afloat details of the connection are divulged, Sydney, Collingwood and the Gold Coast are reportedly against the bid.

"A level of angst is gathering among cardinal players progressive successful the Tasmanian bid arsenic it awaits clarification upon its shot brushed cap, subordinate database sizes and the prime of its fixture," Wilson wrote for the Age.

"Current costings according to the bid would spot the caller squad astir 12th oregon 13th successful yearly turnover, including AFL contributions."

A last determination is scheduled to beryllium made by the AFL Commission successful August.

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