Taylor Swift Brings Ice Spice Out On Stage For Surprise Performance Of ‘Karma’ Remix After Dropping Music Video: Watch

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Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift 'The Eras Tour' concert, State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, USA - 17 Mar 2023

Taylor Swift performs during the opener of her Eras tour, astatine  State Farm Stadium successful  Glendale, Ariz
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Opener - , Ariz., Glendale, United States - 17 Mar 2023

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Taylor Swift and Ice Spice performed their caller “Karma” remix unrecorded for the archetypal clip ever! The Midnights singer, 33, and “Princess Diana” rapper, 23, amazed fans astatine Taylor’s East Rutherford, New Jersey amusement connected Friday, May 26 conscionable before also dropping their caller euphony video astatine midnight. Taylor sparkled arsenic ever successful a navy bluish sequin bodysuit, 1 of her Eras Tour looks by Zuhair Murad, on with matching sparkly boots. Ice Spice was besides looking chic successful a 2 portion achromatic and metallic costume consisting of a bustier benignant harvest apical and mini skirt, on with her $100,000 Benny Da Jeweler diamond concatenation featuring an animation of her face.

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice execute the ‘Karma’ remix for the archetypal clip unrecorded successful New Jersey connected May 26. (HollywoodLife)

Before Ice Spice — née Isis Gaston — came out, Taylor teased the already riled-up assemblage with a imaginable surprise. “She reached retired and said, ‘If you’d ever similar to bash a collab, I would emotion to.’ And what she didn’t cognize astatine the clip is that erstwhile I was grooming for the tour, I was listening to beauteous overmuch exclusively conscionable her euphony each azygous day,” Taylor explained, giving inheritance connected however the remix diagnostic came astir for the Midnights ‘Til Dawn edition. While Taylor didn’t uncover precisely what songs of Ice Spice’s she’s been playing, the rapper has had a slew of caller hits including “Princess Diana” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Munch,” “Gangsta Boo” and possibly her biggest smash to date, “boys a liar portion 2” with Pink Pantheress.

“All day. … So I said, ‘Absolutely, erstwhile tin we bash it?’” Taylor added. “So we instantly went into the workplace and I conscionable not lone fell successful emotion with her, but conscionable decided she’s the full future. … I’ve been astir truthful galore artists and truthful galore artists conscionable starting out, but I’ve ne'er been astir an creator who’s truthful prepared and funny and focused connected what she wants,” she declared up of the performance. A time earlier, the GRAMMY winner said that Ice Spice was “the ONE to watch” — precocious praise from the popular legend.

In the video, Taylor and Ice Spice some instrumentality cues from the past Greek Gods arsenic they look to embody “Karma” successful antithetic forms. The manner was connected point, of people — with Taylor rocking a golden formal arsenic she channels King Midas, arsenic good arsenic going afloat costume for a Dorothy Wizard of Oz moment arsenic she sings, “And I support my broadside of the thoroughfare clean.” For the eventual slay moment, the 2 artists twinned successful crystal bodysuits arsenic they held onto glowing ropes tied to 2 abstracted planets (perhaps the ones they ‘rule’) earlier Taylor throws 1 down into what appears to beryllium water, aboriginal starring the ladies to a celestial benignant vessel ride.

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