‘Ted Lasso’ Star Hannah Waddingham Practices Her Evil Laugh In Rakuten’s 1st Super Bowl Ad – Watch

3 months ago


January 28, 2022 11:49PM EST

‘Ted Lasso’ prima Hannah Waddingham is channeling aboriginal Season 1 Rebecca successful her Super Bowl commercialized for Rakuten.

Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham, 47, is getting her evil connected successful a teaser for Rakuten’s Super Bowl commercial. The 15-second teaser features the histrion wearing an elaborate metallic necklace and strapless achromatic gown arsenic she sits successful beforehand of a mirror. She starts retired with an evil chuckle successful beforehand of her manus reflector and rapidly transitions to the ample reflector successful beforehand of her arsenic her laughs summation to a full-on cackle.

Her wicked laughter yet surmounts to the constituent wherever she ends up choking and having to reign her laughter backmost in. The teaser past cuts to a achromatic surface that reads, “See who gets the past laugh.” Not lone is the video hilarious but encapsulates the early-on perceptions of Hannah’s Ted Lasso character, Rebecca Welton. Viewers volition person to hold until the Super Bowl to find retired wherefore Hannah is practicing her evil laugh.

Vicki McRae, Rakuten’s VP of marque and creative, spoke connected wherefore it was truthful important to onshore the Ted Lasso star for their commercial. “We were truly looking for idiosyncratic that was going to beryllium a beardown pistillate pb … and that she would person this intimidating constituent to her, which she does. She’s statuesque, she’s strong, she’s a force—we wanted idiosyncratic that could person that coupled with truly beardown comedic chops and she was the idiosyncratic that roseate to the occasion,” she told Adweek.

Hannah WaddinghamHannah Waddingham connected the reddish carpet (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

The Rakuten typical besides gave immoderate much hints astir the discourse of Hannah’s Super Bowl commercial. “It’s changeable successful a precise celebrated determination extracurricular of London that’s been successful a ton of movies, truthful I deliberation radical mightiness admit it,” she revealed. “It’s this precise lavish enactment and she is the host.” They changeable the commercialized implicit Thanksgiving, truthful they had plentifulness of clip to get the advertisement acceptable for crippled day.

Ted Lasso is 1 of the astir fashionable sitcoms of today’s time and age. Now 2 seasons in, the bid follows American shot manager Ted Lasso who’s recruited by Rebecca Welton to manager English shot squad AFC Richmond successful bid to sabotage her ex-husband’s team. While Ted comes successful an underdog, his wholesomeness and affirmative vigor extremity up winning everyone over. The Apple TV+ bid won 4 Emmy Awards aft 2 seasons and a 3rd is connected the way.