‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Amber Portwood Cries Over Her Tattered Relationship With Daughter Leah

1 week ago


September 14, 2021 9:00PM EDT

Amber Portwood wanted to person a associated therapy league with girl Leah, but her ex, Gary Shirley, didn’t deliberation it was necessary.

Amber Portwood broke down successful tears during the Sept. 14 occurrence of Teen Mom OG, arsenic she reflected connected her non-existent narration with girl Leah.  Amber’s been seeing a therapist, and she thought it’d beryllium a bully thought to bash immoderate associated sessions with Leah successful hopes of repairing their relationship, but ex Gary Shirley didn’t deliberation it was necessary. Instead, helium told his wife, Kristina Shirley, that Amber conscionable needs to bash the enactment she needs to bash to beryllium a amended ma for Leah. Amber couldn’t recognize wherefore Gary saw therapy arsenic a atrocious thing, and she cried portion speaking to her therapist successful the last fewer minutes of this week’s episode. But erstwhile she composed herself, she said she’ll conscionable support moving connected herself and praying that Leah wants to reunite with her 1 time soon. After all, Amber said that if she didn’t marque the decisions she made implicit the years — similar accepting a plea woody and going to situation — she wouldn’t beryllium live today.

After struggling with his intelligence wellness during Catelynn's past pregnancy, Tyler looks to find a caller signifier of therapy to proceed to amended himself. 😇 #TeenMomOG is all-new tonight! pic.twitter.com/HzClteab89

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Meanwhile, Tyler Baltierra expressed involvement successful trying ketamine therapy to assistance with his bipolar disorder. Catelynn Lowell, who is inactive large with their 4th kid connected the show, was hesitant astir the caller therapy, but she knows Tyler deals with choler issues stemming from his family’s past and drama, truthful she wants him to bash what helium thinks is indispensable to consciousness better. Tyler said earthy medicine doesn’t enactment for him and helium doesn’t privation to beryllium taking pills for the remainder of his life, truthful he’s exploring immoderate and each options that are disposable to him.

Later, Maci Bookout received a substance from Ryan Edwards‘ wife, Mackenzie. Mackenzie wanted to conscionable up with Maci and effort to enactment an extremity to each the play betwixt Maci and the Edwards family. However, aft Maci received Mackenzie’s invitation to lunch, she decided not to reply the substance message. And she aboriginal told hubby Taylor McKinney that she has had capable of their drama, truthful she decided not to pass with Ryan’s household anymore. Especially due to the fact that Ryan hadn’t been going to therapy similar Bentley had requested.

We cognize that @itskcheyenne has A LOT connected her sheet arsenic her owed day gets closer, particularly since Cory has immoderate news. 😳 💖 Tune into an all-new occurrence of #TeenMomOG time astatine 8/7c! pic.twitter.com/bJJrRHxk93

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And pursuing past week’s episode, Cheyenne Floyd apologized to Zach Davis for blowing up connected him aft her ultrasound appointment. This week, her people was ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton, who said helium wouldn’t beryllium capable to assistance much with their girl Ryder due to the fact that of immoderate upcoming day plans. He wanted to observe his 30th day successful New York City successful the midst of immoderate different enactment obligations, truthful it sounded similar a batch to Cheyenne initially. But fortunately, aft she kicked him retired of her location during that argument, they ended up compromising connected however overmuch clip he’d beryllium distant truthful helium tin assistance Cheyenne instrumentality attraction of Ryder during her 3rd trimester.

Finally, Mackenzie McKee and her household celebrated her aboriginal mother’s birthday.

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