Tennis' billion dollar Peng Shuai gamble

1 week ago

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) has go the world's "most effective" quality rights organisation implicit its enactment connected the Peng Shuai case and willingness to suffer wealth to basal by its principles, said Kelley Eckels Currie, erstwhile U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues.

The whereabouts of Peng, a erstwhile tennis doubles satellite fig one, became a substance of planetary interest for astir 3 weeks aft she posted a connection connected societal media alleging that a erstwhile apical Chinese authorities authoritative had sexually assaulted her. She re-appeared implicit the weekend successful Beijing.

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The WTA, the main organisational assemblage for women's tennis internationally, has called for a transparent probe and assurances astir Peng's information and well-being, and has threatened to propulsion retired of tournaments successful China implicit the matter.

A screenshot showing however CNN's sum of Peng Shuai is censored successful China. (CNN)

"If you had told maine a week-and-a-half agone that the Women's Tennis Association was going to beryllium the astir effectual and bravest quality rights organisation successful the satellite I would person thought you were bananas but present we are," Currie told Reuters.

"The WTA is fundamentally putting much than a cardinal dollars connected the enactment implicit the beingness of a azygous subordinate of the Women's Tennis Association."

In 25 years of moving successful quality rights, she had ne'er seen immoderate radical "actually enactment thing connected the enactment similar this for quality rights," said Currie, the erstwhile U.S. Representative astatine the United Nations Commission connected the Status of Women, nominated by then-President Donald Trump.

A photograph of Peng Shuai posted online by Chinese authorities media. (Getty)

On Sunday, Peng held a video telephone with International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach, but the WTA has said this did not code oregon alleviate its concerns astir her wellbeing.

The United States, France, Britain and salient tennis players person each expressed concerns implicit Peng, a erstwhile Olympian.

It comes arsenic Beijing is preparing to big the Winter Olympics adjacent February. Global rights groups and others person called for a boycott of the Games implicit China's quality rights record.

"The tennis play goes each year," said Currie. "As agelong arsenic players proceed to explicit interest for her and this continues to beryllium an contented with the WTA and they proceed to rise her case, it volition proceed to stay successful immoderate benignant of spotlight.

"It volition beryllium an contented astatine the Olympics and earlier that the Australian Open, and past Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Every clip tennis does thing and has an assemblage she volition beryllium there."

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