Teresa Giudice’s Friends Still ‘Wary’ Over Her Relationship Luis Ruelas: ‘No One Wants Her Hurt’

3 months ago


January 28, 2022 6:32PM EST

Teresa Giudice’s friends privation to marque definite the world prima ‘doesn’t get hurt’ arsenic she plans to wed fiancé, Luis Ruelas.

Despite the information that Teresa Giudice, 49, is “madly successful love” with fiancé Luis “Louie” Ruelas, her friends are inactive “a small wary.” A fewer sources adjacent to the The Real Housewives of New Jersey star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that those who cognize Teresa champion conscionable privation to marque definite their person “doesn’t get hurt.”

Teresa’s friends are inactive getting to cognize Luis. At the extremity of the day, they conscionable privation to see Teresa blessed and anticipation she doesn’t get hurt, conscionable similar anyone would privation for their friends,” 1 insider said. “Even if helium is the most astonishing guy successful the world, determination is ever a hazard with a caller narration oregon marriage, and she’s evidently already been done a lot. Everyone hopes that helium is successful it for the close reasons and that helium won’t wounded her.”

Teresa Giudice Luis RuelasTeresa Giudice is ‘madly successful love’ with fiancé Luis Ruelas, but her friends are inactive ‘wary’ (Kristina Bumphrey/Shutterstock)

The world prima gushed astir her romance connected societal media portion debuting her narration with the New Jersey-based businessman successful Nov. 2020. One twelvemonth later, the lovebirds announced their engagement portion connected the formation astatine the Amanzoe Resort successful Porto Heli, Greece. Meanwhile, the blessed mates has been hitting the slopes portion enjoying a romanticist getaway successful Aspen.

Teresa and Luis are connected a much needed vacation close present due to the fact that they person conscionable been going and going since their engagement that they truly person not had clip to conscionable unbend and bask each other,” a 2nd root said. “Teresa genuinely feels that Luis was brought into her beingness for a crushed and is madly successful emotion with him. From what her friends tin archer helium feels the same, but everyone is simply a small wary due to the fact that of her fame.  She is definite that this is the close determination and her daughters look to approve. Teresa has specified a engaged beingness and Luis truly calms her down. If Teresa is happy, truthful are those who cognize her.”

Teresa and her ex-husband Joe Giudice announced their separation successful Dec. 2019 and their divorcement was finalized successful Sept. 2020 aft 20 years of marriage. Together they stock 4 daughters — Gia, 21, Gabriella, 18, Milania, 17, and Audriana, 13.  Teresa and Joe some served clip for their engagement successful mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud and Joe was deported to his location state of Italy aft sitting successful ICE custody for 9 months.