The 16 Best Reading Lamps for Your Nighttime Reading Routine

1 month ago

Despite being a lifelong publication lover, I’ve lone precocious began to make a coagulated speechmaking routine. I ever intended to beryllium the benignant of idiosyncratic who reads for an hr earlier bed, but it ne'er seemed to enactment retired that way. It turned retired determination were 2 things holding maine back: an unrealistic anticipation of however overmuch clip I had to enactment speech for speechmaking earlier furniture and not having a bedside lamp. The champion speechmaking lamps marque speechmaking successful furniture comfy and casual — overmuch much relaxing than having to rotation our of furniture to crook the airy power disconnected conscionable arsenic you’ve gotten cozy and drowsy.

There are truthful galore options erstwhile it comes to speechmaking lamps, though. You person to see what you’re utilizing it for: is it stationed successful 1 place, oregon bash you privation it to beryllium portable? Do you person a spot cleared disconnected connected a nightstand, oregon does it request to beryllium clamped onto your headboard oregon the wall? Would you similar a level lamp oregon a smaller version? Then, there’s other features similar colour changes and USB ports for charging. And that’s not adjacent getting into however it fits into your decor!

Since everyone volition person their ain criteria for what qualifies arsenic the champion speechmaking lamps, I’ve included a scope of options for antithetic styles and uses. They person been cautiously vetted, though: each of these has astatine slightest 1,000 Amazon reviews with astatine slightest a 4.5 prima average. Most of them are besides dimmable, truthful you tin set to your preferred speechmaking light.

Bedside Reading Lamps

a photograph  of a kid   speechmaking  nether  a achromatic  table  lamp with a foldable arm

White Crown LED Desk Lamp for $25

Although determination are galore similarly-designed lamps, this 1 comes highly rated, and it’s the 1 that boosted my ain speechmaking life! It’s an LED lamp that’s adjustable successful a multitude of ways: the limb not lone bends up and down, but besides rotates, making it casual to constituent the airy wherever you request it. It’s dimmable and has antithetic colour modes, truthful you tin take betwixt warmer oregon cooler light. Plus, it has a USB larboard for charging your phone, and an auto-off timer if you’re idiosyncratic who falls dormant portion reading.

a photograph  of a table  lamp with a curved LED limb  astatine  the top

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp for $189

The deluxe mentation of the LED table lamp (or bedside speechmaking lamp) is the BenQ. The curved headdress offers a wider speechmaking surface, and it has 13 levels of colour temperatures and 23 brightness levels. It’s auto-dimmable, meaning that it automatically adjusts to the lighting successful your room. It besides doesn’t origin surface glare, if you privation it treble arsenic bureau lighting. It’s disposable successful a scope of colors.

a photograph  of a speechmaking  lamp with a circular  shade. An illustration of a manus  is touching the base.

Bedside Lamp with Round Flaxen Shade for $30

If you similar a bedside lamp with a classical design, you mightiness similar this 1 with a circular cloth lamp. You inactive get the perks of an LED lamp, though, including a USB larboard and dimmable light. This is besides interaction controlled, truthful you tin set the lighting by tapping the base. It’s disposable successful a scope of shadiness colors. (You mightiness besides beryllium funny successful this similar bedside lamp with a quadrate shade for $17.)

a photograph  of 2  grey broadside  array  lamps

2 Pack of Side Table Lamps with Grey Shades for $56

This 2 battalion is large for readers who privation matching lamps connected some sides of the furniture astatine a debased cost. They are dimmable with interaction control, and each has 2 USB ports.

a photograph  of an concern   broadside  array  lamp

Industrial Table Lamp for $40

If you person an concern aesthetic, this volition beryllium 1 of the champion speechmaking lamps for you. It adjusts betwixt 10% and 100% brightness with a knob connected the base, and it besides includes 2 USB ports.

a photograph  of a circular  lamp disposable  successful  respective  colors

Color Changing Touch Lamp for $24

This would marque a amusive lamp for a kid’s oregon teen’s chamber — oregon yours, if you’re inactive fun. No judgement. It’s touch-activated and lights up successful a clump of antithetic colors, which are besides dimmable. It promises that the highest mounting is agleam capable for reading, portion the remainder are a much diffuse light. It besides has a USB larboard for charging.

The Best Floor Lamps for Reading

a photograph  of a achromatic  LED level  lamp with a remote

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp for $44

This is precise akin to the archetypal speechmaking lamp listed, but it’s a level lamp version! Not lone does it person a scope of colour somesthesia and brightness settings, but they’re controllable by remote, truthful you don’t person to get up from your comfy speechmaking position. It has a gooseneck that tin beryllium bent and angled to spot the airy wherever you request it. The basal is besides weighted, making it hard for an errant favored oregon toddler to sound over.

a photograph  of a level  lamp that is 1  arc from the basal  to the tip

LED Arc Floor Lamp for $80

This eye-catching level lamp is 1 fluid arc from opening to end, making it cleanable to acceptable implicit a speechmaking seat oregon adjacent down a couch. It has 3 brightness settings, and it promises that the brightest mounting is comfy to work by.

a photograph  of a gooseneck level  lamp with a metallic  shadiness  by a bed

Metal Standing Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck for $40

If you similar a classical design, this metallic level lamp with adjustable gooseneck mightiness beryllium much your style. This is 1 of the fewer lamps connected this database that isn’t dimmable, but it’s besides 1 of the fewer that accommodates antithetic airy bulbs. The on/off power is located connected the cord, making it casual to scope without having to get up.

Clip-On Reading Lamps

a photograph  of a speechmaking  lamp clamped onto a desk

LEPOWER Clip connected Light for $22

Somewhere betwixt a reading light and a speechmaking lamp, these clip-on speechmaking lamps are much portable than the latter, but much imperishable and sturdy than a speechmaking light. This 1 has an adjustable gooseneck, truthful you tin clip it to your headboard for bedtime speechmaking and your table during the day. It has 2 brightness settings and 2 colour somesthesia settings.

a photograph  of a clip-on ringing  light

Ring Light Clip-On Reading Lamp for $21

Ring lights are fashionable with quality bloggers and different societal media stars due to the fact that they connection a simple, flattering lighting solution. This 1 besides doubles arsenic a clip-on speechmaking lamp with a gooseneck and dimmable lighting, arsenic good arsenic 2 colour somesthesia settings.

a photograph  of a bluish  clip connected  speechmaking  lamp

Blue Clip-On Reading Lamp for $20

This is small clip-on speechmaking lamp is simply a simple, portable enactment that’s disposable successful a fewer antithetic colors. It has a flexible gooseneck and a 6-foot powerfulness cord. This 1 is dimmable, however: it it conscionable a bright, lukewarm achromatic LED light.

Wall-Mounted and Built-In Reading Lamps

a photograph  of a wall-mounted metallic  speechmaking  lamp with gooseneck

Wall Mounted Reading Light for $20, oregon $37 for 2 pack

The occupation with bedside speechmaking lamps is, of course, that they instrumentality distant abstraction from the broadside array that could beryllium utilized by teetering piles of books. One solution is wall-mounted speechmaking lamps that are intolerable to sound implicit successful the mediate of the night. They person a constrictive beam of airy and an adjustable gooseneck, truthful you won’t airy up the full country portion reading. They besides are dimmable and person 3 colour temperatures.

a photograph  of concern   plug successful  partition  sconces

Black Metal Plug successful Wall Sconces for $30

For much of an concern look, these partition sconces person achromatic metallic shades an a plaything arm. They tin either beryllium plugged successful oregon hardwired in. They see a dimmer power to set brightness.

a photograph  of a headboard airy  with beige shade

Headboard Light with Beige Shade for $28

This speechmaking lamp slides implicit your headboard and tin beryllium slid backmost and forth. This 1 doesn’t person a dimmable airy oregon colour somesthesia options, but it offers a elemental enactment that is easy moved and keeps the broadside tables free.

a photograph  of a bookshelf level  lamp

Bookshelf Floor Lamp for $60

Speaking of overflowing broadside tables, wherefore not harvester the 2 with this bookshelf level lamp? That way, you person plentifulness of country for your full TBR (or astatine least, a steadfast selection) and you ever person country for the lamp. This has a linen lampshade and is disposable successful a scope of colors. The airy is not dimmable.

There you person it: 16 of the champion speechmaking lamps you tin take from! I anticipation that nary substance your benignant oregon usage case, you recovered thing that could amended your speechmaking beingness here. Looking for more? Try: