The company that wants to fight covid-19 with vibrations

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Humans 26 January 2022
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Josie Ford

No-vax’s bully vibrations

“If you privation to recognize the Universe, deliberation of energy, frequence and vibration.” This quote, attributed to the visionary electrical technologist and inventor Nikola Tesla, perchance successful his distinctly unusual precocious phase, has agelong been beloved of those with a vibrantly antithetic knowing of the universe.

Feedback hesitates to usage the connection “fruitloopery”, peculiarly arsenic we present brushwood the punctuation connected the website of QuantBioRes, a institution whose blameless beingness investigating alternate treatments for covid-19 has precocious been disturbed by the revelation that its bulk shareholder is satellite men’s tennis no. 1 and vaccine refusenik Novak Djokovic.

“At QuantBioRes, we enactment successful utilizing unsocial and caller Resonant Recognition Model (RRM),” we work connected the company’s website. “The RRM is simply a biophysical exemplary based connected findings that definite periodicities/frequencies wrong the organisation of energies of escaped electrons on the macromolecule are captious for macromolecule biologic relation and enactment with macromolecule receptors and different targets.”

Following the insubstantial way a small further, we observe that, successful the lawsuit of covid-19, the important frequence is 0.3145. We aren’t wholly definite what units that is successful for those inclined to effort it astatine home. Sadly, clicking what we hoped were links to a artillery of breathtaking tests already performed produces nary vibration connected the internet’s surface, truthful we are near nary the wiser arsenic to progress.

These things tin instrumentality time. In the meantime, we constituent to the beingness of highly effectual vaccines, immoderate your resonant frequence whitethorn be.

Champagne’s moment

David Myers writes from the shores of Lake Geneva successful Switzerland – bully enactment if you tin get it – asking america to beryllium down arsenic we imbibe the revelation contained successful an nonfiction from CNN that “No magnitude of intoxicant is bully for the heart”. We are unsure whether it is the connection itself that helium expects to springiness america the vapours, oregon the information that the seat of the World Heart Federation advocacy committee that released the study is Beatriz Champagne. No origin for solemnisation either way.

Pussy galore

Our quality study “Ancient Egyptians utilized bandages for medicine too” (15 January, p 20) caused ripples successful our inbox. For Ian Gammie, it was our assertion that “until now, Egyptologists hadn’t recovered bandages utilized to formal the wounds of surviving past Egyptians”. As helium points out, surviving past Egyptians are hard to travel by these days.

Others were much exercised by the notation of a dressing placed implicit a “puss-filled wound”. This seems to connote a grade of veneration of the feline signifier beyond adjacent that acquainted from past Egypt. Ken Hawkins wonders whether it was discovered utilizing a CAT scan, a enactment that we volition record nether “timeless”.

Fine words, buttered

Talking of which, Feedback had considered correspondence closed connected the age-old conundrum of wherefore toast lands buttered-side down – but possibly erstwhile its polarity is reversed by being attached to the backmost of a falling cat. Not so, judging by our station since its reappearance successful our Twisteddoodles cartoon connected 4 December past year.

“Howdy Dr Feedback,” booms 1 missive from Heikki Henttonen successful Espoo, Finland – a metropolis wherever we look to person rather a following, judging by our postbag – exhibiting some forthright charm and a suitable (and wholly justified) religion successful our world qualification. “How to marque definite that your toast lands butter-side up,” helium writes succinctly. “You should food your toast connected some sides.”

Sensible advice. Although we shouldn’t beryllium astatine each amazed if a double-buttered portion would ne'er deed the floor, but alternatively stay suspended somewhat supra it, permanently rotating, unsure of which mode up to land. You mightiness telephone that a physics-violating perpetual question machine; we conscionable telephone it resonance.

The beingness against us

The past connection connected the toast happening – until the adjacent 1 – goes to our mathematics guru Ian Stewart astatine the University of Warwick, UK. “As regards toast landing food broadside down, you mightiness beryllium funny successful the nonfiction ‘Tumbling toast’, Murphy’s Law and the cardinal constants’ by Robert Matthews successful European Journal of Physics 16 (1995) 172-176,” helium writes.

We astir surely would, since it contains the results of a exemplary that applies Newton’s laws of question with realistic parameters for the tallness of intelligent bipeds, the tallness of the tables they usage and the quality of their toast to reason that, if a portion of toast starts sitting butter-side up connected a table, it volition rotate much than 180 degrees but little than 360 degrees for immoderate tenable worth for the archetypal velocity astatine which it is nudged off, frankincense astir ever landing buttered-side down.

Further expressing the relations successful presumption of 8 cardinal constants, including the gravitational and electromagnetic fine-structure constants and the Bohr radius, leads to a stark conclusion: successful immoderate beingness that supports intelligent bipeds, toast volition astir ever autumn buttered-side down. “This is the other of cosmological good tuning: determination is nary mode to fine-tune a beingness to forestall this outcome,” Ian writes. “I telephone this the Anthropomurphic Principle.” Also timeless.

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