Theo James’ Wife: Everything To Know About Ruth Kearney & Their 4 Year Marriage

1 month ago

theo james, ruth kearney

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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Theo James is 1 of the astir breathtaking actors moving today! The 37-year-old British prima made his debut successful the 2010 mini-series A Passionate Woman, and he’s lone gotten much palmy successful the 12 years since helium landed the role. One of his aboriginal breakouts came successful 2014, erstwhile helium was formed arsenic Four successful the Divergent series, based connected the fashionable Young Adult publication series. Since then, he’s appeared successful a wide array of antithetic projects, including his caller show successful the upcoming The Time Traveler’s Wife. Throughout overmuch of his career, he’s had Ruth Kearney by his side, and the brace tied the knot successful 2018. Find retired everything you request to cognize astir their romance here.

Ruth is an actress

Like her husband, Ruth, 32, is besides successful the amusement business. The Irish prima has been featured successful some movies and TV Shows, with immoderate of her notable credits being Jess Parker successful Primeval and Tess successful 2020’s Trouble Will Find Us. Most recently, she starred successful the 2020 series Finding Joy, per IMDb.

Theo wraps his limb astir Ruth astatine ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ premiere. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

How did Theo and Ruth meet?

Even though they didn’t get joined until 2018, the 2 actors had been successful a narration unneurotic since 2009. The mates met erstwhile they were successful a people unneurotic astatine the Bristol Old Vic Theater School. He revealed that the 2 were successful the mediate of an acting workout erstwhile they archetypal laid eyes connected each different successful a March 2020 interrogation with the Evening StandardHe said they were “Being frogs” erstwhile they met. He explained that their transportation was instant. “It made consciousness beauteous aboriginal on,” helium said.

The mates got joined successful 2018

After astir a decennary together, Ruth and Theo tied the knot successful 2018, according to BustleThe Time Traveler’s Wife actor seemed to cognize that his woman was the 1 aboriginal on, arsenic helium gushed astir her successful the interrogation with Evening Standard. “She’s precise sanguine, thoughtful, and funny,” helium said.

They mostly support their romance private

Even though Ruth and Theo are some successful the nationalist eye, they look to mostly support their narration to themselves. Ruth has admitted that she is decidedly successful the manufacture for the acting and not for the fame. “I’m not successful this manufacture to go famous, I don’t spell for jobs due to the fact that they volition marque maine good known, it’s truthful hopefully they volition pb maine connected to much absorbing roles,” she said successful a 2016 interrogation with The Irish Mirror.

While some actors mostly support to themselves, Ruth inactive occasionally shares cute photos of themselves connected her societal media. She’s shared cute silhouettes of them lasting connected the formation successful California. She’s besides posted candid shots of Theo looking astatine books successful a London store to her Instagram. 

Theo and Ruth person been joined since 2018. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Theo and Ruth person a baby

After implicit a decennary unneurotic and 3 years of marriage, Ruth and Theo had their firstborn kid successful August 2021, according to E! News. While they’ve mostly kept quiet, Theo has spoken a spot astir his kid in a May 2022 illustration by InStyle. Even though helium said helium didn’t privation to lone speech astir his kid and called fatherhood “discombobulating,” helium did say, “It decidedly changes you successful an astonishing way.” He did accidental that being a dada made him a “much much coagulated person.”