This couple bought and renovated a 109-year-old mansion for less than $500,000–take a look inside

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When Abby Brothers archetypal saw the Page Mansion listed for merchantability online, she knew she had recovered a everlastingly home.

But the 6,000-square-foot location successful Aberdeen, North Carolina, wasn't livable yet. The six-bedroom mansion – which had been vacant for astir 40 years – had shattered windows and collapsing floors. Not ones to shy distant from a project, Abby, 31, and her hubby Trey Brothers, 33, paid $155,000 for the spot successful 2018, charmed by the home's structural integrity, expansive staircases and vintage furniture.

"When we came to spot the location for the archetypal time, we didn't request a key, we didn't request a realtor – you could conscionable crawl done the busted-out windows oregon conscionable unfastened up the beforehand doorway due to the fact that determination was nary lock," Abby tells CNBC Make It. "It had been taken implicit by the elements [and] it was very, precise dilapidated."

The location – which was primitively built by a section affluent household successful 1913 – ended up needing astir $268,000 worthy of renovations. But the costliest information of the couple's fund didn't spell toward tearing down walls oregon rebuilding modern amenities. Instead, they spent astir of their funds connected preserving the home's archetypal elements, similar its 109-year-old woody floors.

Abby and Trey Brothers recovered the listing for the 109-year-old Page Mansion connected Zillow earlier the mates moved successful 2018. It had been vacant for astir 40 years.

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"It was important to support the archetypal details of the location due to the fact that it's history," Abby says. "Homes aren't built similar they were successful 1913. The details aren't the aforesaid there. And if you bash privation those sorts of details successful a location now, they're precise expensive."

Indeed, the renovated house's astir caller valuation was $900,000 – but the duo, on with their 1-year-old lad and household pets, person nary plans to move. Here's however they recovered and developed a imaginativeness to alteration the vacant location into their DIY imagination home.

A leap of existent property faith

When the mates archetypal saw the listing online, they were surviving successful Baltimore, Maryland. Abby was moving arsenic a registered caregiver and Trey was considering leaving the military, and they wanted to determination backmost to North Carolina wherever they some grew up.

They had "no intentions" of buying a mansion, fto unsocial 1 that was implicit a period old, says Abby. But she was attracted to the "near condemned" location due to the fact that of its history: The Page Family were affluent industrialists who founded respective towns successful North Carolina and helped bring railroads into the state.

The location was primitively built for 1 of the Page daughters. During the Great Depression, assorted members of the household moved successful and retired of the mansion earlier it was purchased by different family.

When Abby and Trey went to spot the location successful person, remains of that past were scattered passim the vacant mansion. "There was furnishings successful each room," Abby says. "It genuinely looked similar a clip capsule ... There were stacks of magazines. There was confetti connected the level wherever it looked similar idiosyncratic had thrown a enactment years agone and conscionable left."

Once Trey – who present works successful IT – saw that the archetypal operation of the ceramic location could beryllium salvaged, helium knew it had potential. He besides knew it needed large renovations: Nearly each the windows were broken, the first-floor room had sunken into the basement and determination was a monolithic leak successful the roof, helium says.

The mates spent $268,000 renovating the Page Mansion, keeping overmuch of the house's aged features, furnishing and adjacent furniture.

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The brace met with contractors to estimation however overmuch the plumbing, electrical and different specialty projects would cost. When they realized flipping the location could go a profitable investment, they "took a leap of faith," Abby says, and planned to determination without secured jobs.

Restoring humanities character

Before they could determination in, astir of the location needed to beryllium taken down to its studs and re-plastered. The archetypal hardwood floors, which the mates insisted connected preserving, had sunken down connected each level of the home. Those renovations took astir 9 months to complete.

To support the location "as archetypal arsenic possible," Abby says, they lone made tiny tweaks to its structural blueprint, similar adding a bath nether the staircase and expanding the room and maestro bedroom. "We got a afloat modernized kitchen, [but tried] to support it integrated with the archetypal plan of the house," Trey says.

One of the couple's biggest projects progressive restoring the house's archetypal woody floors, which were much than a period old.

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Their new-and-improved archetypal level room present contains a dishwasher, a treble oven, refrigerator, two-basin descend and a washer and dryer successful the pantry. The wide staircase successful the beforehand foyer, 1 of Trey's favourite parts of the home, was "grandfathered in" and needed to beryllium cautiously refinished to support its structure.

The mates kept the house's archetypal doors and lighting, and refurbished couches, chairs and wardrobes near successful the location – immoderate from the 1800s. There's a portion of archetypal furnishings successful each room, Abby says.

Home saccharine home

The Brothers household has lived successful the renewed, updated mansion for 3 years now. A fistful of projects, similar completing the wainscotting astir the house, inactive remain.

The Brothers household waited 9 months for structural renovations to decorativeness earlier moving into the mansion and starting to restoring it.

Nathanael Berry for CNBC Make It