‘This Is Us’ Season 6: First Trailer For The Final Season Revealed & Everything Else To Know

3 days ago

‘This Is Us’ volition instrumentality for a sixth and last play successful January 2021. The archetypal trailer for the highly-anticipated play 6 debuted connected Thanksgiving. Get acceptable for each the tears!

All bully things indispensable travel to an end. This Is Us is going to footwear disconnected the caller twelvemonth with a cryfest. After 6 unthinkable seasons watching the Pearsons, the family’s swan opus has arrived.

Since we’re talking astir This Is Us, you tin expect an affectional roller coaster successful the last season. Filming is already underway, and the archetypal trailer dropped connected Thanksgiving. HollywoodLife has each the latest quality astir This Is Us play 6.

Milo VentimigliaMilo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore arsenic Jack and Rebecca. (NBC)

Will ‘This Is Us’ Return In 2021?

No, This Is Us volition not instrumentality successful 2021. Season 6 volition premiere January 6, 2022, connected NBC. Season 5 ended successful May 2021. The amusement had already been renewed for play 6. NBC revealed that This Is Us wouldn’t instrumentality for its sixth and last play until midseason, which meant a 2022 premiere date. Even though this means a agelong hiatus, NBC said that the last play would beryllium a “largely uninterrupted run.” The last play volition dwell of 18 episodes.

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Trailer

The play 6 trailer begins with Rebecca coming to presumption with her future. “I’m losing my memory. Sometimes I deliberation astir what my precise past representation volition beryllium earlier the candle goes out,” she says.

Mandy MooreMandy Moore arsenic Rebecca successful the play 6 trailer for ‘This Is Us.’ (NBC)

Rebecca adds aboriginal on, “I don’t cognize however overmuch longer I person earlier things get worse… I’m not disquieted astir forgetting astir the large stuff. It’s the small things I’m not acceptable to fto spell of.”

The video mostly includes memorable Pearson household moments implicit the past 5 seasons. Chrissy Metz’s Kate sings a touching rendition of “Time After Time.” During the performance, Phillip looks longingly astatine Kate by her side. As we each know, these 2 extremity up getting married!

‘This Is Us’ So Far

This Is Us follows the Pearson household astatine assorted points successful their lives. Over the people of the season, we’ve learned truthful overmuch astir the Pearsons. Season 2 revealed that Jack died of a bosom onslaught aft redeeming his household successful the location fire. In play 5, Randall discovered that his commencement parent had died.

Kate and Toby welcomed small Jack successful play 3 and adopted a girl named Hailey successful play 5, portion Kevin and Madison had twins successful play 5. In the contiguous day, Rebecca learned she had mild cognitive impairment, which was apt owed to Alzheimer’s.

Chrissy MetzChrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan arsenic Kate and Toby. (NBC)

Season 5 ended with different flash forward, this clip to astir 4 years successful the future. Kate and Toby had gotten a divorcement successful that clip jump, and she was present marrying Phillip, her aged boss. Madison and Kevin didn’t get joined successful the contiguous day, but they were affable aft the 4-year clip jump. At the wedding, determination was a notecard that work “Big Three Homes: A Pearson Family Construction Company.” There was besides a glimpse of a illustration astir Randall that had the header of “Rising Star.”

Is Season 6 The Final Season?

Yes, This Is Us play 6 volition beryllium the Emmy-winning show’s past season. When NBC announced that This Is Us wouldn’t instrumentality until midseason, the web besides officially announced that play 6 would beryllium the last play of This Is Us.

Whoever casually archetypal said "All bully things indispensable travel to an end" ne'er had to extremity their favourite thing. While bittersweet to person conscionable 1 play left, besides grateful to NBC for letting america extremity the amusement how, and when, we ever intended.

We'll enactment hard to instrumentality the landing. #ThisIsUs

— Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) May 14, 2021

After the quality was confirmed, creator Dan Fogelman wrote connected Twitter: “Whoever casually archetypal said ‘All bully things indispensable travel to an end’ ne'er had to extremity their favourite thing,” helium said astatine the time. “While bittersweet to person conscionable 1 play left, besides grateful to NBC for letting america extremity the amusement how, and when, we ever intended. We’ll enactment hard to instrumentality the landing.”

Dan has ever been vocal astir wanting to extremity the amusement aft 6 seasons. “We ne'er acceptable retired to marque a tv bid that was going to past 18 seasons, truthful we person a precise nonstop plan. I person publication pages I person written. We person a program for what we’re going to do, and I cognize what the program is,” helium told THR in April 2019.

In January 2020, helium told the Los Angeles Times: “I deliberation by the clip we’re successful our sixth season, you’ll person a batch of the accusation astir what’s happened to this family, and what volition beryllium near is immoderate resolution. I deliberation erstwhile the amusement yet comes to an end, I deliberation successful the champion way, it’ll beryllium precise quiescent and normal. That’s ever been the program because, astatine the extremity of the day, it’s a communicative astir this benignant of regular family.”

Sterling K BrownJustin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown arsenic Kevin and Randall. (NBC)

Sterling K. Brown told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that helium fully supports Dan’s creator vision for the amusement to extremity with 6 seasons. “I’m bittersweet due to the fact that it’s been a fantastic job, a fantastic journey, a fantastic quality with a fantastic radical of people. But I’m besides excited that Dan and our producers and writers get a accidental to fulfill the creator vision, which they saw from the beginning,” Sterling told HollywoodLife. “I don’t deliberation they wanted to permission it open-ended. I deliberation they wanted to physique to a precise circumstantial decision due to the fact that Dan comes from penning films and whatnot. I deliberation with a movie, you person a beginning, a middle, and an end. I deliberation from the opening of his conception of This Is Us, determination was a beginning, a middle, and an end. I find thing much satisfying than erstwhile the creator gets a accidental to fulfill their creator vision, and it doesn’t get compromised. That’s the benignant of radical that I privation to enactment with. It’s the benignant of stories that I privation to tell. I’m truly blessed that This Is Us falls into that category. I cognize that truthful galore radical are like, I would person watched this amusement for years and years and years, but I ever deliberation it’s champion to permission them wanting much than wondering wherefore they’re inactive sticking around. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Cast & Crew

All of the halfway Pearsons volition beryllium back: Milo Ventimiglia arsenic Jack Pearson, Mandy Moore arsenic Rebecca Pearson, Sterling K. Brown arsenic Randall Pearson, Justin Hartley arsenic Kevin Pearson, Chrissy Metz arsenic Kate Pearson, and Susan Kelechi Watson arsenic Beth Pearson.

Additional formed members expected to instrumentality include Caitlin Thompson arsenic Madison, Jon Huertas arsenic Miguel, Griffin Dunne arsenic Nick, Eris Baker as Tess, Faith Herman arsenic Annie, Lyric Ross arsenic Deja, Mackenzie Hancsicsak arsenic young Kate, Lonnie Chavis arsenic young Randall, Parker Bates arsenic young Kevin, Hannah Zeile arsenic teen Kate, Logan Shroyer arsenic teen Kevin, Niles Fitch arsenic teen Randall, and Rachel Hilson arsenic teen Beth.

Given the mode This Is Us play 5 ended, it’s astir a definite happening that we’ll spot Chris Geere’s Phillip backmost for the last season. After all, helium was seen astir to get joined to Kate successful the finale!

On October 1, Sterling posted an Instagram photograph that confirmed Ron Cephas Jones would beryllium reprising the relation of William, Randall’s biologic father, successful a last play flashback. “It’s ever a bully time with a little @cephasjaz Love you, man! #ThisIsUs,” Sterling captioned the photo.

Ron shared the aforesaid adorable father-son photograph connected his Instagram leafage and wrote, “Haha!!! Today So fantastic Working again with my Brother Sun (SON). Flashback for last Season.#sterlingkbrown. This Cats retired the Bag.”WILLIAM” volition beryllium backmost connected the scene.So galore to Thank but that’s a aboriginal post. So Blessed! So Grateful! So overmuch LoveandLight.”

Filming kicked disconnected connected September 9, 2021. Dan Fogelman posted a behind-the-scenes photograph of Milo and Mandy filming a scene.

Last archetypal day. Feeling feelings. #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/EEafDL7irV

— Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) September 9, 2021

Mandy besides shared a saccharine photograph with Milo connected the acceptable of play 6. “Mom and Dad. Day 1, play 6 successful the can. Here we go…” she wrote.

Mom and Dad. Day 1, play 6 successful the can. Here we go…. #thisisus pic.twitter.com/1oGWAw8s14

— Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore) September 9, 2021

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Spoilers

Dan revealed to EW that Phillip volition person a large relation successful the last season. “Well, that’s going to beryllium a large travel for america successful play 6,” the creator said. “I deliberation we wanted idiosyncratic who had a precise antithetic vigor than Toby. We’ve been large fans of the actor. Why the quality is simply a truly bully question and we person the reply for that, but we haven’t told you a batch astir him yet, truthful there’s not overmuch I tin say.”

Chris GeereChris Geere arsenic Phillip. (NBC)

Getting “inside” of Miguel and Rebecca’s narration volition beryllium a “big play 6 story,” Dan teased to Deadline. The last play volition research “how they came together, past however they separated, past however they recovered their mode backmost to each other. We’ve lone seen it successful little successful similar the 2nd play of the show, truthful this is simply a existent accidental for america to research caller territory astatine the precise extremity of our show.”

As for Kevin, who didn’t extremity up getting joined to Madison, aft all, Dan noted that his communicative “has a batch much chapters to beryllium written, and we person our endgame successful mind. We ever have, for the character. Not each idiosyncratic needs to upwind up betrothed; not each idiosyncratic needs to find emotion successful their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and we’ll spot what happens to Kevin. We person our plan.”

However, Dan did admit to EW that Kevin and Sophie’s narration doesn’t consciousness “resolved” yet. Alexandra Breckinridge revealed to Us Weekly that she “did bash a country wherever they did aged makeup, but I don’t deliberation it made it to the show.” It could inactive beryllium imaginable that Sophie pops up successful the last season. In the past fewer years, Alexandra hasn’t been capable to instrumentality to the amusement arsenic easy due to the fact that of Virgin River scheduling conflicts.

“Every clip they’ve asked maine to travel backmost successful the past, I’m like, I anticipation that I’m successful the location astatine the extremity of the amusement and you spot maine in, like, aged constitution and everybody’s like, ‘What? Oh, my gosh!’ And like, you’re not definite if she’s conscionable determination due to the fact that their ma is successful hospice oregon if they’re together. I truly anticipation that happens,” she told Us Weekly.

‘This Is Us’ Series Finale

This Is Us play 6 volition culminate successful the last occurrence of the series, which volition aerial successful 2022. While we inactive don’t cognize if that flash-forward to Kevin’s location volition beryllium the last country of the series, it volition beryllium a pivotal infinitesimal for the Pearsons.

Dan Fogelman has “always had a plan” for the show. In May 2018, Dan revealed astatine a For Your Consideration lawsuit that helium had “actually already changeable pieces of the last country of the series.”

Milo VentimigliaMilo Ventimiglia arsenic Jack Pearson. (NBC)

Since we’re talking astir This Is Us here, you amended drawback those tissues earlier watching the bid finale. Milo Ventimiglia admitted that the last occurrence volition astir apt “wreck” fans. “I deliberation it’s wonderful. I deliberation it’s incredibly satisfying. I deliberation it’s beautiful,” helium told Us Weekly successful October 2021. “I was conscionable connected acceptable with Dan astir 2 weeks agone and helium was talking astir immoderate things that I didn’t cognize astir the end. I was determination with Mandy. We conscionable benignant of looked astatine each other, like, one, excited to get into it, and two, incredibly devastated arsenic quality beings due to the fact that this is astir apt gonna wreck radical successful the astir heartfelt way. It’s beautiful. I’m truthful excited.”