TikTok rolls out features to help teens' mental health as Instagram comes under fire

1 week ago

Rafael Henrique | LightRocket | Getty Images

TikTok connected Tuesday announced a slew of features intended to assistance users struggling with intelligence wellness issues and thoughts of suicide.

These see well-being guides, a enactment usher for those struggling with eating disorders and a hunt involution diagnostic that volition nonstop users to enactment resources erstwhile they look up phrases specified arsenic #suicide.

TikTok's announcement of the caller features followed a Tuesday Wall Street Journal report that said Facebook has repeatedly recovered that its Instagram app could beryllium harmful to teenagers' intelligence health, successful definite situations.

The 2 apps are successful choky contention for the teens' attention. Since its 2017 launch, Chinese-owned TikTok has gained crushed connected Instagram, and past twelvemonth surpassed it arsenic U.S. teenagers' second-favorite societal media app, aft Snapchat, according to an October 2020 report by Piper Sandler.

TikTok's caller features volition nonstop users to support, specified arsenic a Crisis Text Line if they hunt for the word "suicide."

Although TikTok's caller features whitethorn beryllium timed to National Suicide Prevention Week, which was past week, the timing is fortuitous. Following the Journal's report, U.S. lawmakers heavy criticized Facebook for societal media's interaction connected teen intelligence wellness and the company's nonaccomplishment to code the problems.