TikTok star Brooke Monk gained 16 million followers in less than 2 years — here’s her secret

3 days ago

Brooke Monk enactment up her archetypal TikTok station successful September 2019 and since past she's gained 16.1 cardinal followers and 1.2 cardinal likes connected her videos.

In conscionable nether 2 years, Brooke Monk has amassed implicit 16 cardinal followers connected the societal media level TikTok. But, speaking to CNBC, she said that it was ne'er her volition to scope influencer status. 

Monk enactment up her archetypal TikTok station successful September 2019 and since past she's gained 16.1 cardinal followers and 1.2 cardinal likes connected her videos. 

The 18-year-old U.S. influencer told CNBC connected the latest occurrence of "Marketing Media Money" that it was ne'er her purpose to pull a batch of followers oregon go famous, but much astir the information that she truly enjoyed making contented for societal media. 

"I emotion having an audience, I emotion speechmaking people's comments, I emotion interacting with people," Monk said, explaining that the facet of not knowing everyone online astir motivated her to station much due to the fact that she loved seeing the feedback. 

Monk believed the concealed to creating fashionable contented connected a level similar TikTok was to marque the posts astir things that radical tin subordinate to, "like small mundane things that everyone's experienced successful their life." 

She besides said it was cardinal for influencers to perceive to feedback from their audience, arsenic good arsenic being affirmative and uplifting connected societal media. 

"I consciousness similar the bulk of audiences commencement to consciousness disconnected from their influencers erstwhile they get excessively large and past they don't truly attraction astir their assemblage anymore," Monk said. 

Monk believed it was important that brands didn't alteration an influencer's style. Otherwise she said it could marque the contented look sponsored, similar a "face holding a product," which could spot the influencer's popularity commencement to fade. 

She believed brands would enactment with influencers a batch much successful the aboriginal "because audiences consciousness much connected to an influencer, if they spot their regular beingness and they're conscionable watching their content, arsenic opposed to celebrities oregon adjacent commercials oregon infomercials." 

TikTok's popularity has exploded amid the pandemic. As of June 2020, TikTok's full fig of U.S. period progressive users had jumped to much than 91 million, up from 27 cardinal successful 2019. 

Monk said that she realized she had go an influencer erstwhile radical started asking her astir what hairsbreadth and make-up products she used. 

Monk has not disclosed her earnings. According to recent information from euphony licensing platform Lickd.co, to marque $100,000 a twelvemonth connected TikTok, a idiosyncratic would request to person a minimum of 10,000 subscribers, oregon followers and get much than 270 cardinal clip views a year.

In presumption of however Monk finds the brands that diagnostic successful her TikToks, she said that companies really get successful interaction with her astir of the time. 

As for however she promotes products successful her posts, Monk said that if she has originative state past she tries to incorporated it into a portion of wide contented she would already produce. But if not, she follows what the "brand's comfy with." However, Monk stressed that she won't sponsor a merchandise if she doesn't similar it.

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