Time wasters, high bumps targeted in new AFL rules

1 week ago

The AFL's contention committee has released their incoming regularisation changes for the 2022 season.

With much concussion probe coming to light, the AFL volition modify guidelines astir head-high bumps and each head-high interaction to crackdown connected players who are precocious to a contest, careless of their intent to contention the ball.

General manager of shot Brad Scott said determination would apt beryllium mentation changes for umpires and lucifer reappraisal personnel, peculiarly erstwhile related to head-high interaction betwixt players.

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"Our volition was to amusement that what was acceptable eight-plus years agone is not acceptable successful 2022 and beyond," helium said.

"It's just to accidental determination was unanimous statement from the committee that attitudes, peculiarly arsenic it results to concussive-type caput trauma, person changed.

"The wide connection we're giving to clubs and players is that if you contention the shot and you're precocious and you deed the absorption subordinate successful the caput with a bump, you're going to beryllium successful trouble."

The changes to mentation widen connected the 'contesting the ball' exemption penned up of the 2021 season.

The Cats' Gary Rohan is seen to by trainers aft suffering a concussion. (AAP)

Following the caller understanding, players volition beryllium penalised for each instances of precocious precocious contact, careless of whether they were contesting the ball.

"In astir instances determination is simply a subordinate who is precocious successful that contest, and if you're precocious and deed a subordinate successful the caput you're going to beryllium successful trouble," Scott added.

Once the AFL meets with Adelaide, they volition recess their discussions of mentation changes with clubs to aboriginal adjacent year.

Umpires volition besides clamp down connected players engaging successful time-wasting tactics, with a absorption connected players who don't person the shot impeding oregon blocking the absorption from picking it up.

Scott highlighted the value of intelligibly communicating immoderate changes made to fans to heighten their viewing experience.

"A batch of the frustrations I deliberation watching footy comes erstwhile fans are confused arsenic to what the rules are. We've got a occupation determination to marque them clear," helium said.

Scott besides confirmed the contentious regularisation forcing the antheral connected the people to basal inactive would stay for 2022. The AFL would similar different twelvemonth to consolidate the effectiveness of the regularisation to measure whether it should go "a imperishable fixture going forward".

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