Tino reveals why he turned down the Dolphins

1 week ago

Tino Fa'asuamaleaui has revealed wherefore helium chose to re-sign with the Gold Coast Titans connected a semipermanent deal, contempt involvement from the Dolphins and different rival clubs.

Speaking with Peter Psaltis connected 4BC's WWOS Radio yesterday, Fa'asuamaleaui said thing peculiar was gathering astatine the Titans with an breathtaking aboriginal up to beryllium driven by their younger players.

"We've got a batch of young boys present that I truly privation to physique bully combinations with and hopefully crook this nine into a powerhouse," helium said.

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Tino Fa'asuamaleaui of the Titans (Getty)

Heading into conscionable his 5th NRL preseason, Fa'asuamaleaui has already achieved a batch successful his abbreviated career. Now a elder subordinate astatine the Titans successful lone his 2nd play astatine the club, the 21-year-old feels helium is maturing into a leader.

Feeling assured successful the playing radical astatine the Titans, Fa'asuamaleaui believes that the squad has what it takes to triumph their archetypal NRL title. Drawing connected information from playing successful Melbourne's 2020 expansive last win, Fa'asuamaleaui has hopes to pb the Titans to their archetypal premiership and correspond his state astatine the highest level successful time.

"I judge successful the boys astir me, they're each bully radical and we each enactment truly hard. I truly privation to physique thing present with these fellas. They're each precise young and there's evidently going to beryllium immoderate unsmooth times, but hopefully, the unsmooth times crook into positives and we'll beryllium holding up that trophy someday," helium said.

"I'm consenting to bash thing for these boys and this nine to hopefully bring that archetypal trophy to the Gold Coast and hopefully galore much successful the future. But we inactive person to bash the hard work."

Fa'asuamaleaui's efforts helped the Titans marque the apical 8 for the archetypal clip since 2016 aft a stellar tally location to extremity the 2021 season. This occurred without fullback AJ Brimson, who missed ample chunks of the play owed to injury.

AJ Brimson connected the sidelines aft being injured during the circular 12 NRL lucifer betwixt the Cronulla Sharks and the Gold Coast Titans. (Getty)

AJ is simply a monolithic portion of our future, he's monolithic for us, and to evidently person him miss retired connected a batch of games was disappointing, but determination was a shining airy with JC (Jayden Campbell) coming done and that was awesome to see," helium said.

With precocious praise for replacement fullback Campbell, Fa'asuamaleau besides highlighted the progression of second-year subordinate Beau Fermor.

"He's lone going to get amended with much acquisition and much games. I consciousness similar it's precise exciting, he's got a batch of imaginable to spell acold successful this game," helium said.

"I'm blessed he's connected my broadside and I can't hold to signifier a amended operation with him and turn arsenic players."

Fa'asuamaleau's caller woody volition spot him stay astatine the Titans until the 2026 season.

The Titans person returned for preseason grooming successful mentation for adjacent season.

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