Tomato is first CRISPR-edited food to go on sale in the world

3 weeks ago
Environment 24 September 2021

By Michael Le Page

A handbasket  of reddish  tomatoes

Tomatoes with genes edited by CRISPR exertion are present connected merchantability successful Japan

Courtesy of Sanatech Seed

For the archetypal clip ever, you tin present bargain a nutrient altered by CRISPR cistron editing – astatine least, if you unrecorded successful Japan, wherever the Sicilian Rouge High GABA herb has conscionable gone connected sale.

“We started shipping the tomatoes connected September 17,” says Minako Sumiyoshi at Japanese start-up Sanatech Seed, which is selling the tomatoes straight to consumers. She says request for the tomatoes is “not excessively bad”.

“It is simply a precise important milestone for CRISPR foods,” says  …