Tommy Dorfman: 5 Things To Know About ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Who’s Come Out As A Trans Woman

3 days ago

Tommy Dorfman has travel retired arsenic a transgender woman. Learn much astir the Atlanta autochthonal who changeable to fame connected ’13 Reasons Why.’

Tommy Dorfman, 29, is owning her existent self. The histrion came retired arsenic a trans pistillate successful a July 22 interrogation with Time, wherever she opened up astir her transition. “For a twelvemonth now, I person been privately identifying and surviving arsenic a pistillate — a trans woman,” said Tommy, who present goes by she/her. The 13 Reasons Why star went connected to archer the publication, “It’s comic to deliberation astir coming out, due to the fact that I haven’t gone anywhere. I presumption contiguous arsenic a reintroduction to maine arsenic a woman, having made a modulation medically. Coming retired is ever viewed arsenic this expansive reveal, but I was ne'er not out.”

Tommy besides revealed successful the interrogation that contempt transitioning, she intends to support her commencement name, which honors her mom’s brother who died soon aft she was born. “I emotion my name, I privation to support my sanction and springiness caller beingness to my name,” Tommy said.

So who is Tommy Dorfman? From her adjacent relationship with Kaia Gerber to her memorable relation connected 13 Reasons Why, HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 cardinal facts to cognize astir Tommy.

Tommy DorfmanTommy Dorfman successful caller ‘Time’ interrogation (Photo: Gizelle Hernandez for TIME)

1. Tommy Dorfman is BFFs with Kaia Gerber.  

Cindy Crawford‘s look-a-like girl Kaia Gerber is often seen out-and-about with Tommy. The brace were past seen stepping retired for dinner successful Los Angeles connected July 31, 2020 — look masks on, of people — portion isolated of each other’s “quarantine bubble.” Pre-quarantine, the duo besides showed disconnected their formation hangout successful Jan. 2020! Posing successful their swimsuits for a reflector selfie, Tommy captioned the pic “portrait of a respectful cheery hand.”

2. Tommy is an actress.  

Tommy is champion known for her relation arsenic Ryan Shaver connected Netflix’s fashionable drama 13 Reasons Why alongside Brenda Strong, Ross Butler, and Dylan Minnette. She besides played Bobby successful The CW’s Jane The Virgin and Nick on American Princess. Most recently, she is credited for appearing successful Freeform’s mini-series Love successful the Time of Corona. “We were filming astatine my house, which was a batch easier than I thought it was going to beryllium conscionable from a applicable standpoint of rolling retired of furniture and getting to work,” Tommy said to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY astir the project. “No commute, which was great. It ended up being truly intimate, and it was a abstraction we’ve individually spent a batch of clip successful unneurotic conscionable arsenic friends,” she added.

3. Tommy is Andi Dorfman’s relative  

Tommy isn’t the lone celebrated Dorfman! She’s a relative of lawyer Andi Dorfman, 33, who starred successful the 10th play of The Bachelorette. She made an quality successful the Bachelor universe again during her runner-up Nick Viall‘s play and the brace made headlines for going connected a jog backmost successful June 2020.

Tommy DorfmanTommy Dorfman successful caller ‘Time’ interrogation (Photo: Gizelle Hernandez for TIME)

4. Tommy is from Atlanta.

Tommy was born connected May 13, 1992 successful Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating precocious school, she packed her bags and headed to New York for college, wherever she enrolled astatine Fordham University. Tommy studied drama, earning her B.A. successful Theatre Arts successful 2015.

5. Tommy present identifies arsenic a trans woman.

Tommy said successful her Time interview that she decided to denote her modulation to a trans pistillate publically truthful that she could enactment existent to herself. “I’ve been surviving successful this different mentation of coming retired wherever I don’t consciousness harmless capable to speech astir it, truthful I conscionable bash it,” she said. “But I admit that transitioning is beautiful. Why not fto the satellite spot what that looks like?”

Tommy besides revealed successful the interrogation that she was nary longer with hubby Peter Zurkuhlen, whom she joined successful Nov. 2016. ” I love him truthful much, but we’ve been learning that arsenic a trans woman, what I’m funny successful is not needfully reflected successful a cheery man. So we’ve had unthinkable conversations to redefine our narration arsenic friends,” she said. Tommy had antecedently travel retired arsenic non-binary successful 2017.