Top Illicit Carding Marketplace UniCC Abruptly Shuts Down  

7 months ago

UniCC controlled 30 percent of the stolen payment-card information market; leaving analysts eyeing what’s next.

A apical underground marketplace for buying and selling stolen credit-card details, UniCC, has announced it’s shutting down operations.

The tract accounted for astir 30 percent of carding scam concern and, since it was launched successful 2013, handled astir $358 cardinal successful cryptocurrency transactions, according to the Elliptic Threat Intel team, which published the announcement from UniCC leadership.

“Our squad retires,” the UniCC enactment posted connected underground carding sites successful some English and Russian. “Don’t physique immoderate conspiracy theories astir america leaving, it is (a) weighted decision, we are not young and our wellness do(es) not let to (us) enactment similar this immoderate longer.”

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The post, signed “your Unicc Team,” gives users 10 days to walk their balances.

“We inquire you to beryllium astute and not travel immoderate fakes tied to our comeback and different things,” the announcement concluded.

Carding Marketplace Shakeup

UniCC’s concern was booming aft the December 2020 takedown of Joker’s Stash, formerly the carding marketplace of choice. Elliptic noted the wide marketplace for stolen credit-card information past twelvemonth topped much than $1.4 cardinal conscionable successful Bitcoin.

But successful caller months, Elliptic pointed retired that different underground marketplaces look to beryllium hanging up the towel. The White House Market announced it was shutting down successful October; and by November, Cannazon went dark. In December it was Torrez’ turn. By aboriginal January, Monopoly Market was unexpectedly inaccessible, the study added.

The departures could beryllium a absorption to law-enforcement activities, the Elliptic Threat Team said, but it’s conscionable arsenic apt underground carding marketplace admins are utilizing the chaos to marque disconnected with their users’ relationship balances.

“The question of caller departures has perchance been a trigger for UniCC’s retirement, arsenic illicit actors spot an accidental successful the turbulence to either tally distant with users’ funds oregon discontinue to debar accrued law-enforcement attention,” the study added.

At the aforesaid time, caller entrants into the stolen information marketplace crippled are looking to summation a foothold. In August, a caller carding marketplace AllWorld.Cards launched with a immense stunt — they released the outgo data for 1 cardinal stolen recognition cards connected the Dark Web for free.

These illicit payment-card information marketplaces tin besides beryllium an charismatic people for chap hackers.

Last April,  Swarmshop was breached and the carding site’s database of stolen outgo data was leaked online.

“Tens of thousands of caller cards were listed for merchantability connected the marketplace each day, and it was known for having galore antithetic vendors — with the fierce contention keeping prices comparatively low,” Elliptic noted. “As UniCC retires, absorption volition present beryllium connected who emerges arsenic the main successor. Meanwhile, the operators down UniCC volition beryllium seeking to currency retired their formidable profits.”

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