Top Wall Street analysts say these stocks have the best long-term potential

4 months ago

Ed Stack, CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods.

David Orrell | CNBC

As the satellite heads toward different twelvemonth of the pandemic, investors indispensable accommodate to changing macroeconomic forces and trends.

Rising inflation, the Federal Reserve's determination to dial backmost its monetary support, and a workforce that's been disrupted by the existent spike successful coronavirus cases are each affecting regular terms enactment for stocks.

TipRanks, a fiscal information aggregation website, gives investors the information they request to navigate the market. Wall Street analysts are highlighting these 5 stocks, which they judge person staying power.

Take-Two Interactive  

Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO) announced on Jan. 10 that it would buy FarmVille creator Zynga for $12.7 billion. The quality shook up shares of some companies, with Zynga ending the time up 40% and Take-Two slumping much than 13%. Investors look divided connected the deal, but 1 of Wall Street's apical analysts has reiterated his bullish stance. (See Take-Two Interactive Earnings Data connected TipRanks) 

The expert is Andrew Uerkwitz of Jefferies, who attributed the sell-off to miscalculations connected the appropriateness of Zynga for Take-Two and fears of a imaginable bidding warfare for the crippled developer. However, arsenic acold arsenic the merger itself is concerned, Uerkwitz said that simply "no 1 is doing the math." 

Uerkwitz rated the banal a Buy and assigned a terms people of $231.  

The expert argued that the caller weakness successful TTWO's stock terms provides for an charismatic constituent of semipermanent introduction for investors.  

As acold arsenic Take-Two's halfway concern goes, Uerkwitz is optimistic connected the company's robust pipeline and the expanding opportunities for mobile gaming led successful portion by much susceptible hardware. The information that "data speeds, surface refresh rates, artillery life, [and] spot speeds" are advancing truthful rapidly, much analyzable gaming systems tin beryllium developed for phones.  

Meanwhile, those playing the games are much acquainted with utilizing telephone platforms than they person ever been before.  

On TipRanks, Uerkwitz is rated arsenic No. 189 retired of much than 7,000 fiscal analysts. He has a occurrence complaint of 63% erstwhile picking stocks and has returned an mean of 31.8% connected his ratings.  

Dick's Sporting Goods  

Consumer cyclicals whitethorn beryllium radically affected by planetary supply-side constraints, but the companies mitigating their impacts could beryllium successful for sizeable upside erstwhile they easiness out. One of those firms is Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS), which has been managing its inventory good and optimizing its proviso chain. (See Dick's Sporting Goods Insider Trading Activity connected TipRanks) 

Sam Poser of Williams Trading published a study connected the stock. He noted that DKS has besides been experiencing elevated levels of user engagement and has placed a higher precedence connected maintaining beardown vendor relationships with companies similar Nike (NKE).  

Poser rated the banal a Buy and established a terms people of $180.  

The expert besides mentioned that Dick's Sporting Goods has been investing "in its people." Moreover, vertically integrated initiatives similar curbside pick-up person raised operating margins and brought much convenience to customers.  

Thus far, DKS's income are "off to a bully start," driven successful portion by the company's strategical usage of its lawsuit data, according to Poser. In respect to its fiscal standing, the sporting goods retailer is approaching a imaginable net bushed connected its fourth-quarter guidance.  

TipRanks rates implicit 7,000 analysts, and Poser presently maintains a spot astatine No. 145. The analyst's ratings person been close 54% of the time, and connected average, they person netted him a instrumentality of 46.2%.  


The displacement toward digitization is proving to beryllium a boon for companies similar Cisco Systems (CSCO).

Ivan Feinseth of Tigress Financial Partners said that Cisco is poised to support its "leading presumption arsenic a planetary IP-based connectivity and networking instrumentality provider." The institution has benefited from an uptick successful endeavor spending connected networking infrastructure. (See Cisco Risk Factors connected TipRanks) 

Feinseth rated the banal a Buy and declared a terms people of $73.  

The exertion steadfast last autumn completed its deal to get cloud-analysis level Epsagon. Feinseth said that the takeover is 1 of galore strategical initiatives which are demonstrating Cisco's committedness to inorganic maturation and the spot of its equilibrium sheet.  

In the property of accrued videoconferencing and all-around necessity for higher networking speeds and capacity, Cisco stands to capitalize. If the institution succeeds, its shareholders will, arsenic well. The steadfast has raised its dividend for a 10th consecutive year, and is expected to bash truthful again successful February.  

Feinseth sits precocious successful the ranking of implicit 7,000 analysts connected TipRanks, astatine No. 89. He has been palmy 68% of the clip erstwhile standing stocks and has averaged returns of 18.1% connected each.  


While galore tech companies person their cards successful the cloud-computing solutions game, not each are arsenic good positioned to turn successful 2022 arsenic Microsoft (MSFT). The tech elephantine has been making strides successful respect to the magnitude of ample deals for its Azure unreality services, arsenic good arsenic for its Office 365 bundle.  

Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities published a bullish study connected the stock, delineating conscionable however beardown Microsoft is looking aft going implicit its December fiscal checks. He was encouraged by the robust endeavor spending connected Azure cloud, and helium said that the concern volition soon beryllium "hitting its adjacent cogwheel of growth." (See Microsoft Hedge Fund Activity connected TipRanks) 

Ives rated the banal a Buy and assigned a terms people of $375.  

The exertion expert said that others person been blimpish successful their position connected Microsoft's outlook. He said that Wall Street has yet to instrumentality into relationship the world of distant enactment trends. Further, the sheer fig of enterprise-level deals, up implicit 50%, is capable for Ives to task higher than his peers have.  

Noting that the full addressable marketplace connected distant unreality services could beryllium worthy up to $1 trillion, Ives sees Microsoft claiming marketplace stock gains from established players similar AWS (AMZN). Additionally, helium wrote that the caller terms hike connected Office 365 tin beryllium considered a imaginable $5 cardinal "strategic poker move." Ives believes the institution is "on its mode to a $3 trillion marketplace headdress implicit the adjacent 12 months."  

Ives is rated No. 81 retired of implicit 7,000 professionals connected TipRanks. He has seen occurrence 70% of the time, and his ratings person averaged returns of 44.6%.  


Alex Henderson of Needham & Co sees cloud-based endeavor and web information institution Zscaler (ZS) arsenic a "unique concern conveyance with exceptional semipermanent worth potential." 

He said the institution has been strengthening its income capableness and expanding lawsuit conversion rates. (See Zscaler Stock Charts connected TipRanks) 

The expert rated the banal a Buy and declared a terms people of $418.  

Fundamentally, Zscaler is successful a highly advantageous position. The institution has already been pushing up its income numbers, operating borderline metrics, and is expected to person sizeable levels of escaped currency travel successful the agelong run. Henderson is not acrophobic by the existent wobbling sentiment toward maturation stocks, and helium is assured that Zscaler could bushed the marketplace adjacent with rising involvement rates.  

As acold arsenic advancing its information capabilities, the expert noted that "ZS is seeing a continuing realization successful the C-Suite, CIO, CTO level that the bequest perimeter defense, and Client Server architecture of the past 35-40 years needs to displacement to a Cloud Direct Zero Trust design. We spot Zscaler arsenic uniquely positioned to present this capability." 

Heading toward aboriginal net results, Henderson is anticipating a 5% to 10% bushed implicit Wall Street statement estimates connected average-revenue-per-user maturation for the company.  

Henderson is rated arsenic No. 42 connected a database of implicit 7,000 fiscal analysts. His banal ratings person been palmy 72% of the time, and they person averaged him returns of 42.3% connected each one.