Trump allies Jordan and Banks were 'ridiculous' choices for Jan. 6 commission, Pelosi says

5 days ago

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., holds her play quality league successful the Capitol connected Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Bill Clark | CQ-Roll Call, Inc. | Getty Images

There was "no way" that 2 Republican lawmakers were going to service connected the House prime committee investigating the Capitol invasion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday as she explained wherefore she refused to name them.

Those 2 House Republicans, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Indiana's Jim Banks, "made statements and took actions that conscionable made it ridiculous to enactment them connected specified a committee seeking the truth," Pelosi, D-Calif., said astatine a property conference.

"When statements are ridiculous and autumn into the realm of, 'You indispensable beryllium kidding,' there's nary mode that they're going to beryllium connected the committee," Pelosi said.

Her determination to crook distant Jordan and Banks stemmed from their words and actions stretching implicit months, immoderate arsenic acold backmost arsenic earlier the Jan. 6 riot itself and others arsenic precocious arsenic this week, a elder Democratic adjutant acquainted with the deliberations told CNBC.

Most recently, the adjutant said, Democrats were outraged by a connection from Banks connected Monday night, successful which helium vowed to uncover the facts astir the Capitol invasion, including the "responses from Capitol enactment and the Biden administration."

In fact, the Biden medication began 2 weeks aft the riot connected Jan. 6, erstwhile hundreds of erstwhile President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol successful an effort to halt Congress from confirming now-President Joe Biden's electoral victory.

When Congress returned to their chambers hours aft the rioters were dispersed, some Jordan and Banks voted to entity to the results of the election.

Pelosi connected Thursday said that Banks' connection was akin to claiming that the Biden medication was liable for the attempted insurrection. "There was nary Biden medication connected January 6th," she noted.

The Democratic adjutant besides told CNBC determination was "deep concern" astir Jordan, a staunch Trump state who is the top-ranking Republican connected the House Judiciary Committee.

The adjutant specifically cited his information successful a December gathering astatine the White House successful which Trump and a radical of Republican lawmakers reportedly strategized astir ways to overturn Biden's predetermination win.

Pelosi's blunt rejections, announced Wednesday, stoked a fiery effect from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who had selected Jordan and Banks for the committee along with 3 different Republicans.

McCarthy, R-Calif., accused Pelosi of an "egregious maltreatment of power" and vowed to propulsion each 5 of his picks from the sheet unless she reversed course.

The talker is "more funny successful playing authorities than seeking the truth," McCarthy said.

But Pelosi connected Thursday appeared highly improbable to alteration her mind.

Banks' and Jordan's words and actions marque it "impossible for them to workout judgment" connected the investigative committee, she said.

The Democratic adjutant told CNBC that caucus members besides objected to Banks' assignment successful airy of a caller travel to the U.S.-Mexico organized by the Republican Study Committee, connected which helium serves arsenic chairman.

The radical of GOP lawmakers connected the travel were reportedly joined by Anthony Aguero, an alleged Capitol rioter, who was seen chatting with aggregate committee members.

Banks "never spoke to the idiosyncratic successful question, the Republican Study Committee was unaware of his individuality and whereabouts connected January 6, and helium did not question with our radical to the border," a spokesperson for the committee told CNN successful a statement.

After their nominations were rejected, Jordan and Banks released statements accusing the prime committee of being a partisan endeavor.

But 1 Republican subordinate is connected the panel: Trump-critic Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who was ousted from her relation arsenic GOP league chair after she refused to halt criticizing the erstwhile president for spreading the prevarication that the 2020 predetermination was rigged against him.

"I deliberation the committee is going to bash a precise thorough and just and nonpartisan occupation astatine getting to the truth," Cheney told reporters Thursday arsenic she and different members met successful Pelosi's bureau for a closed-door meeting.