U.S. sanctions Cuban defense minister, special forces over crackdown on protests

5 days ago

A peculiar forces conveyance passes by a vintage car successful downtown Havana, Cuba, July 13, 2021.

Alexandre Meneghini | Reuters

WASHINGTON – The United States imposed sanctions connected Cuba's defence curate and the communist nation's peculiar forces brigade for the repression of peaceful protests that broke retired connected the land past week.

The sanctions people the archetypal steps by the Biden medication to use unit connected the Cuban authorities arsenic Washington faces calls to amusement greater enactment for the protesters.

"Cuba's Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, which is led by, Alvaro Lopez Miera, has played an integral relation successful the repression of ongoing protests successful Cuba, successful which Cuban citizens are calling for an extremity to the 62-year aged authorities and deteriorating surviving conditions crossed the island, arsenic good arsenic demanding entree to basal goods and services and aesculapian attention," the Treasury Department wrote successful a connection announcing the sanctions.

Last week, thousands of protestors filled the streets implicit frustrations with a crippled system deed by nutrient and powerfulness shortages. The uncommon protests, the largest the communist state has seen since the 1990s, travel arsenic the authorities struggles to incorporate the coronavirus pandemic, pushing the island's fragile health-care strategy to the brink.

On the heels of the protests, President Diaz-Canel Bermudez said his authorities was "prepared to bash anything" to quell the protests, according to a study from The Washington Post. "We volition beryllium battling successful the streets," helium said, adding that the United States is successful portion to blasted for the wide discontent successful Cuba.

A time later, helium appeared alongside members of his authorities and blamed U.S. commercialized sanctions for hampering Cuba's growth.

Reacting to the Cuban president's comments, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters past week that the United States was not to blasted for the laundry database of issues plaguing Havana.

Blinken said that Cubans were "tired of the mismanagement of the Cuban economy, bushed of the deficiency of capable nutrient and, of course, an capable effect to the Covid-19 pandemic."

"That is what we are proceeding and seeing successful Cuba, and that is simply a reflection of the Cuban people, not of the United States oregon immoderate different extracurricular actor," Blinken said.

President Joe Biden told reporters astatine the White House that the U.S. stands "firmly with the radical of Cuba arsenic they asseverate their cosmopolitan rights."