Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman: Sweet Stationary Kits for Letter Writing Joy

3 weeks ago

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Stationary kits are each the rage close now, and it’s apt acknowledgment to the dark academia aesthetic, combined with the realization that we’re inactive successful a pandemic and discovering caller hobbies is worthwhile. Whether stationary kits are trending due to the fact that radical are penning letters by manus to friends and loved ones oregon due to the fact that they’re being utilized for scrapbooking oregon junk journaling, you tin find an unthinkable wealthiness of antithetic themed kits connected Etsy.

Love acheronian academia? There’s a stationary kit for you.

Love bright, amusive colors and patterns? There’s a kit for you, too.

Florals? Animals? Something ace basic? You’re covered.

Find beneath a wide scope of stationary kits. These travel with a assortment of pieces to them, including insubstantial and envelopes, and immoderate volition see pens, envelope seals, stickers, and different related ephemera. The extras successful galore of these kits are cleanable for scrapbooking oregon journaling, but they besides marque for large decor astir your location oregon for a amusive small bonus successful immoderate message it is you whitethorn beryllium sending.

I’ve not included integer stationary kits successful this roundup. Do enactment that immoderate of these are one-of-a-kind listings, but if you click done to the creator’s shops, you’ll find adjacent much large stationary acceptable finds.

Stationary Kits for Letter Writers, Scrapbookers, and Junk Journalers

cottage halfway   inspired stationary kit, including paper, envelopes, and stickers

If you’re into the cottagecore aesthetic, these stationary kits are going to beryllium up your alley. There volition beryllium a fig inspired by cottagecore life, including this beauty. $15

Image of stationary kit featuring creamy insubstantial  with rose-colored flowers.

This sophisticated acceptable of stationary, envelopes, and seals is cleanable and an outstanding spot to enactment practicing fancy script. $19 and up, with options to customize.

envelopes, stationary, and stickers successful  a strawberry print.

One connection for this strawberry stationary set is sweet. $7

Bee-themed stationary paper, envelopes, and stickers.

Bee delighted by this amusive bee themed kit, with options for lined oregon unlined sheets. $4

Cards and insubstantial  featuring satellite  phases and godforsaken  skulls.

Perfect for fans of each things celestial and desert is this kit, featuring satellite phases arsenic good arsenic godforsaken skulls. Select among insubstantial and paper options here. $12 and up

Image of stationary kit with feather pen and nibs.

How perfectly romanticist is this Victorian themed kit, featuring a feather pen and ink cookware to spell on with the existent paper? It’s swoony. $45

Notecard with tiny  rainbow.

Personalize this elemental set, featuring a pretty rainbow connected top. You tin take from a fewer ink colors arsenic well. $20

Image of vintage-style insubstantial  and envelopes.

Talk astir nailing cottagecore meets acheronian academia! This vintage pen pal kit features large insubstantial and envelope options, arsenic good arsenic immoderate amusive mushroom and butterfly ephemera. $11

Image of cigar container  with vintage benignant   stationary inside, including pencils and pens.

Not lone does this stationary kit see a wide scope of amusive vintage pieces wrong it, but it comes successful an aged cigar box. $30

Image of shibori benignant   necktie  dye kit, including insubstantial  and envelopes.

Snag a beauteous shibori people kit, including insubstantial and envelopes. $16

Image of mushroom-themed insubstantial  and stickers.

The mushroom trend is 1 I americium wholly present for, and I emotion this fungi themed paper, envelopes, and stickers. $6 and up

Image of gothic ephemera, including ravens, skulls, and vintage paper.

Goth kids, rejoice. This kit packed with skeletons, ravens, and much gothic goods is calling your name. $15 and up

Image of an array of coffee-stained paper.

Want an aged schoolhouse benignant kit? Enjoy this coffee-dyed stationary set. $22

Bright colored stationary kit, featuring images from Japan.

Bright, bold, and fresh, this Japanese plan kit makes a statement. $16

Leaf-printed insubstantial  and envelopes.

You won’t accidentally implicit oregon nether h2o these plants. What a beauteous botanical stationary kit! $26 and up

Image of minimalist angiosperm  plan  connected  brownish  envelopes and pick  paper.

A minimal, rustic stationary set mightiness beryllium precisely what your aesthetic calls for. $10

Blue themed stationary kit.

Take your chances and prime a color. The creator volition nonstop you a grab container of goods successful that colour family. $9

Stationary kit with galore   papers successful  a scope  of yellowish  and greenish  shades and patterns.

Want to people a LARGE stationary kit? Then you’ll emotion this one, featuring implicit 100 pieces. What a large mode to motorboat your caller stationary goods collection. $27