Warner Bros. to produce more than 10 films exclusively for HBO Max release

5 days ago

In this photograph illustration an HBO Max logo seen displayed connected a smartphone.

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Warner Bros. volition bolster HBO Max adjacent twelvemonth with much than 10 caller movie titles made exclusively for the streaming service, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said Thursday.

Speaking during AT&T's second-quarter net call, Kilar said that theatrical releases volition proceed to beryllium important to the company, but it can't disregard the occurrence it has seen from at-home viewing.

"The question representation format perfectly matters and it matters successful a fig of ways," Kilar said. "It matters successful theaters ...They besides substance at home and, absolutely, successful presumption of the effect that we've gotten not conscionable from that rubric but from each of our time successful time titles. We consciousness precise bully astir the effect that consumers person fixed it successful the home."

During the 2nd quarter, HBO and HBO Max topped 47 cardinal U.S. subscribers, up 2.8 cardinal from the archetypal quarter. Globally, subscriber numbers reached 67.5 cardinal arsenic of the extremity of June, up from 63.9 cardinal past quarter.

WarnerMedia has utilized a day-and-date merchandise exemplary for its theatrical releases successful 2021, which puts its diagnostic films connected the large surface and connected HBO Max connected the aforesaid day. This strategy volition vanish successful 2022 and Warner Bros. films that are earmarked for theatrical merchandise volition tally exclusively successful cinemas for astatine slightest 45 days.

Films made conscionable for HBO Max volition lone spell to theaters successful constricted runs astatine prime locations if they are expected to beryllium Oscar contenders.

"In presumption of wherever things spell successful the future, I deliberation it's just to accidental that, and I've said this earlier publicly, I surely don't expect america going backmost to the mode the satellite was successful 2015 oregon 2016 oregon 2017, wherever windows were rather lengthy betwixt theatrical and location accumulation whether it was an a la carte transaction oregon thing else," Kilar said.

WarnerMedia, which is presently owned by AT&T, is expected to merge with Discovery adjacent twelvemonth if the transaction is approved by regulators.