We are finally beginning to understand migraines and how to treat them

3 months ago

After 40 years of research, scientists person uncovered what happens successful the encephalon during a migraine and developed promising caller drugs to tackle the condition. Here’s what we present cognize – and what inactive remains unanswered

Health 26 January 2022

By Jessica Hamzelou

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Jasu Hu

I WAS 15 years aged and halfway done a household repast erstwhile the stroke to my caput came retired of nowhere. It felt arsenic if idiosyncratic had clobbered maine connected the broadside of the skull with a mallet, the abrupt symptom making maine driblet my fork. Then came a 2nd hit. And a third. I retrieve pleading with my sister to halt her noisy whingeing earlier moving to fell nether a duvet until the symptom yet subsided. I had experienced my archetypal migraine.

Twenty years later, my migraine-coping method remains mostly unchanged, but that it is present my toddler whose whining becomes unbearable. Migraine treatments don’t truly enactment for me. They don’t truly enactment for a batch of people.

Despite migraine being among the astir communal neurological conditions, affecting astir a cardinal radical worldwide, we cognize incredibly small astir what causes them, however to debar them and however champion to dainty them.

That is partially due to the fact that migraines are truthful complex. They interaction radical differently, tin beryllium unpredictable and impact galore much women than men. Migraine probe has been dismissed, derided and underfunded. But a fistful of dedicated scientists person spent decades trying to marque progress. For the archetypal time, they person uncovered a mechanics down migraines successful the brain, and with this cognition person developed treatments not lone to relieve them erstwhile they strike, but perchance to halt them occurring. Finally, migraine subject is having its moment.

For those fortunate capable to beryllium unfamiliar with migraines, they tin look far-fetched. Someone tin beryllium good 1 minute, past abruptly incapable to talk oregon see. The symptoms are varied, and tin past …