Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Bill Maher Over ‘Masked Paranoid’ Comments On ‘The View’

3 months ago


January 24, 2022 12:57PM EST

The ‘Real Time’ big had cracked jokes astir being bushed astir COVID precautions, including masks, connected his show, and Whoopi fired back.

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t laughing at Bill Maher’jokes astir COVID-19 precautions. The View co-host didn’t clasp back, erstwhile discussing a clip from the comedian’s amusement wherever helium made amusive of antithetic information measures successful spot to forestall spreading the virus, including disguise wearing and checking vaccination statuses. Whoopi, 66, made it wide that she thought Bill’s, 66, monologue jokes were “not funny” successful a Monday January 24 occurrence of The View.

Whoopi to Bill Maher: "How situation you beryllium truthful flippant, man."#TheView pic.twitter.com/u9E8XkEBH1

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During an occurrence of Bill’s HBO show Real Time, he’d complained astir everything from wearing a disguise to getting his somesthesia checked astatine antithetic places erstwhile he’s out. “I don’t privation to unrecorded successful your paranoid satellite anymore—your masked paranoid world. You spell out. It’s silly now! You person to person a mask. You person to person a card. You person to person a booster. They scan your head, similar you’re a cashier, and I’m a clump of bananas. I’m not bananas. You are,” helium joked.

After the clip finished, Whoopi seemed disgusted by Bill’s jokes, particularly radical who person had loved ones die, due to the fact that of COVID. “That’s not truly comic to radical who person mislaid their kids to this [virus] oregon radical who person mislaid household members oregon beloved friends to this. Listen, cipher connected the satellite truly wants to spell done this. This is not thing that we’re doing, due to the fact that it’s sexually gratifying,” she said, earlier explaining wherefore truthful galore radical are inactive cautious erstwhile it comes to the virus. “This is what we’re doing to support our families.”

Whoopi past offered immoderate proposal to Bill earlier calling him out erstwhile more. “You don’t person to bash it, but enactment distant from everybody, due to the fact that if you’re the 1 who’s not paying attention, and you’re coughing and sneezing, past enactment retired of the public, man. Nobody wants this. I don’t privation it,” she said. “I deliberation he’s forgetting that radical are inactive astatine hazard who cannot get vaccinated: small kids nether the property of 5 oregon radical with wellness conditions. How situation you beryllium truthful flippant, man.”

Whoopi didn’t clasp backmost successful calling retired Bill Maher implicit jokes astir COVID precautions. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock / Jason Merritt/Radarpics/Shutterstock)

Joy Behar also threw her ain quip successful astir the mode that Bill seemed to beryllium putting down each the precautions. She made a gag astir him likening the precautions to a atrocious ex. “They’re implicit it similar a relationship!” Joy joked. After immoderate much discussion, Whoopi erstwhile again reminded that immoderate radical aren’t capable to get vaccinated yet and reminded everyone that they were “playing Russian Roulette” with their wellness by not being careful, earlier going to a commercial.